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S55 VHL Entry Draft

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Season 55 VHL Entry Draft Board

Draft Begins: 9:40 PM EST

S55 VHL Entry Draft Discussion


Round One
:cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Cologne): Felix Savard, 198 TPE

2. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: Dexter Lane, 109 TPE
3. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Calgary via Riga): Peter Quill, 102 TPE
4. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Davos): Rudy Ying, 137 TPE
5. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Seattle via Toronto): Jake Scheel, 108 TPE
6. :rig: RIGA REIGN: Niko Bogdanovic, 106 TPE
7. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from New York via Cologne): Xavier Laflamme, 105 TPE
8. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Stockholm): Nicodemus Raven, 107 TPE
9. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Quebec City): Key Perought, 96 TPE
10. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Michael Kinkaid, 76 TPE


Round Two
:tor: TORONTO LEGION (from Seattle): Daring Do, 58 TPE

12. :col: COLOGNE EXPRESS: Lyle Smallwood, 123 TPE
13. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Corey Klopfenstein, 74 TPE
14. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Davos): Les Clarke, 83 TPE
15. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: Ryan Hamilton, 30 TPE
16. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Riga via Cologne):  Alexander McManahan, 41 TPE
17. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from New York): Christian McKenzie, 47 TPE
18. :tor: TORONTO LEGION (from Stockholm): Hodor, 50 TPE
19. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Quebec City via Davos)Carlo Capitulo, 30 TPE
20. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Alexander McKinley, 30 TPE


Round Three

21. :col: COLOGNE EXPRESS (from Seattle): Nino Gisler, 30 TPE

22. :col: COLOGNE EXPRESS (from Cologne via Seattle): Drahoslav Detlev, 30 TPE
23. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Calgary): ---
24. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: ---
25. :tor: TORONTO LEGION: ---
26. :rig: RIGA REIGN---
27. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from New York): ---
28. :sto: STOCKHOLM VIKINGS: ---
29. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: ---
30. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: ---

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Image result for trust the process

With the first overall pick in the S55 VHL Entry Draft, the Calgary :cal: are proud to select defensemen Felix Savard! We are excited to have @Frank become a part of the process as we believe his enthusiasm, belief in the process, and tpe earning capabilities are a great fit for the Calgary Process organization. I would like to thank my mom for raising me to believe in the proces.

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