We are looking to revamp the recruitment crew, if your interested in helping out check out the thread here. Pay is 9 TPE per week! 


Torstein Ironside Updates

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October 23rd-29th

Head of PT Staff Pay (+1 Capped)

Media Spot (+7 Capped w/ PT Upgrade)

Reviewer Pay (+1 Capped)



October 30th-November 5th

Welfare (+4 Capped)

Head of PT Staff Pay (+1 Capped)

Reviewer Pay (+1 Capped)


November 6th-12th

Reviewer Pay (+1 Capped)

Head of PT Staff Pay (+1 Capped)



PT Upgrade

+17 TPE (590 -> 607)

Agility +15 (86 1/4 -> 90)

Rebound Control +2 (90 -> 90 2/5)

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