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VHL Career Stats (Updated for S54)

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Who usually does this and how?

I had been the one who did it for a while, then I stopped being active so I didn't care as much. If you're still curious about how, I'll inform you of my process, step by step (which takes about 1-1.5 hours per update; note: that isn't per season, so if I update multiple seasons at once, it's not much longer of a process).


Short version: Make a .csv file with the stats to be updated, import that file into a spreadsheet, and combine the numbers that need to be combined.


More detailed version:


1) Copy the stats from the team scoring page and make a .csv file that looks like thisIEi05fe.png

2) Import that file into a spreadsheet

3) Remove all the shitty stats and align the columns so they match up with the career stats

4) Copy/paste those numbers into the career stats file as new rows

5) Sort the stats by name so duplicates will be next to each other

6) Add a row beneath any player whose stats need to be combined (previous stats+any new stats from seasons being updated)

7) Add the rows for each player, deleting the text in the first name cell for all rows that will have incorrect stats (either the rows from the previous file or the seasons that are being added)

8) Copy all the cells and paste values only

9) Sort by first name in order to bunch together all of the rows that need to be deleted. Proceed to delete said rows.

10) Recalculate the points/game and minutes/game, because those can't simply be added. This could be done earlier, I just choose to do it at this point....at least I did this time, but I think it'd be more efficient to do it earlier when you are adding the rows.

11) Copy/paste the new stats into each sheet and sort


That's how.

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Why not both?

What are the benefits for you? Cause there's definitely none for me.

1) Easier to see active career leaders and stuff

2) I don't have to work in spreadsheets that are hundreds of rows large


Ultimately, I don't know if it will be more or less work for me, and maybe if I realize it's not working out I'll change it back.

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Nah, actually I changed my mind. I'm not going to do it. I hate going through and re-sorting all the tabs, and this would just make me have to do that two times. And if Victor doesn't think having active players in their own spreadsheet, then I guess it's not worth it.

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I felt defencemen didn't get enough love around here so I made a separate spreadsheet just for them (in OP and here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gCAmcJIqYzrkq8CrpRauI9DmmJAbdm9xC6aAzpEUAgw/edit?usp=sharing)

Obviously bulk of the work done by Streetlight, I just copied those who were defencemen.

I may have missed some, I also didn't do all, and will update more active players in when they get more seasons in.

Was surprised to find Low has the best point-per-game ratio by any dman ever.

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Hoping to make the hof again this time around I have an outside chance of getting the shutout record but shutouts are way down this season.

You and Wahl should also finish with 300 wins and every goalie with 300 wins is in.

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