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- Do you feel as if auto-6 PT's have hurt league quality or activity levels? Pros and Cons of it.


- Was Anderson's initially ban enough? Was his subsequent ban after too much? In general how do you feel the league handles problems. Too strict or not strict enough?


- Will I ever have a player that doesn't suck?


- Ravenwing lining himself up for the hall?

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- Essian in the Playoffs - how he gonna fair? (Games 1 and 2 have been simmed but I haven't checked them yet!)

- Is it so hot you could melt where you are too?

- VHL Playoff predictions, right up to who will win the Cup and in how many games! Also PLayoff MVP?

- Don't talk about Trump. (Oh god you did didn't you? Man, I'm an asshole)

- How's your daughter's hockey season going??

- It's Game day 1 for the Floor Hockey League I'm running. I need three goalies in two different games... do you think I'll have to stay late and fill in?

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How does it feel to be such a boss this past season individually? I know, I know you want to win awards, but you still had a stellar season and HoF is certainly not out of the question now. We are talking back to back 100+ point seasons, and nearly 130 this season. Take a moment, and be impressed with your player. :) 


Okay more questions, quick VHL speed round....


Best and worst current VHL player names?

Team you haven't played for you most want to?

Best GM who is on their first attempt at it? 

Are you ever going to change your avatar?

Whats next after Ravenwing? 

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What would you change in the current award format. Would you change a precise award ? Would you change how people vote ?


If you would have to chose, you you consider the VHL "too easy" or "too hard". And what change would you make to change that perception. 


"Player build", what's your opinion on that. Is there a future for that in the VHL ?

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What's your goals for Casey Jones? short-term, long term? Planning on staying on 1 team your whole career?


How do you feel about Ravenwing's career? Your favourite Ravenwing linemate so far?


You think Riga will win the cup this season? If not, who's your favourite?

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