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  1. Damn that was slick
  2. @JardyB10 Hook up the LR access!
  3. Where's my dude playing right now?
  4. Give me back Davos as a GM and I will bring back its greatness

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      You always hated me, but I support this anyway!

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  5. Merry Xmas guys!
  6. Ayyy but I'm active fam, did I win something????
  7. YO

    Thanks for the love homies <3! Hope to come back hear one day and stay active, this is my last semester at University so I'll have some spare time before I head off to the real world. @flyersfan, I know there's welfare but I know myself too well... I'm way too competitive to be making minimum TPE and would end up spending more time than I should (got 6 courses this semester :/) Definitely will keep dropping by though, completely forgot about the site until last night!
  8. YO

    Some how stumbled back on this site after a night of drinking, just wanted to say I miss y'all and am glad the league is still healthy and running! Looking back at the site brings back the feels from when I was active back in S12-S28 or whenever the fuck I peaced out. Hope some of the old boys still recognize my username! P.O.P Hold it down, PIMP squad baby for life, DGFZ.
  9. I think most people don't make it into the HOF with their first players anyways, I know my first player was trash... but my 2nd had an amazing career and made it into the HOF. Keep your head up, everyone goes through the initial fight.. sometimes you get lucky with a stud player, sometimes you just got to try again.
  10. Wow, someone was abused as a child... or just doesn't have any friends.
  11. DGFX here, heard about the old site getting attacked and just wanted to say I'm glad you guys are staying strong as it would be a tragedy if this league died. I'm extremely busy with school and other extra-curriculars but I'll be checking up here daily to see if you guys need any help. With that being said, I've got experience with web design/making forums/dealing with hosting + domain issues and will gladly help if you guys need it. Press on!