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  1. Fuck this season
  2. time to split canada in half ???
  3. heckin canada that's three wc's in a row
  4. I'm not going to not pick myself. mist4ke
  5. Relocate Cologne to not in the league anymore am I right?
  6. nooooo
  7. yooooo
  8. what's so gay about a pack of lions??
  9. That's why I would be opposed to the move as well even though I didn't support the move to Stockholm.
  10. Yeah I know what he's referring to, but that's like saying there is already a team called the HC Davos Dynamo. (actually though the Davos comparison is worse because there is literally an "HC Davos" team so that's even closer to the real-life counterpart)
  11. There is no existing team called the Vasteras Iron Eagles. Do you just make shit up?
  12. lol that's not how it happened at all the league forced the move and I'm pretty sure Corco was still GM when that decision was made
  13. Quoting this for @Bushito Petenis should replace Donovan on his roster as Donovan is retired As for my picks, I'll take Takashi Fujimoto and the steal of the draft and the fantasy darling this season.. Bonér @jRuutu
  14. He did, yes. @bgreene21 can pick to replace him before I make my next selections