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  1. +1 Fan590 +4 Welfare TPE: 418+5=423 Checking: 89+4(@4)=90 Banked: 1
  2. I will say I'm happy to be here, so it's not a shot at the Mercs.
  3. Iowa smells. Bad. I hate that state. I'd put Nebraska top 3. It's sad that they used to have a college football team in Lincoln that just plays dead these days.
  4. When I made a Serbian player I had no idea I'd be getting screwed over when it came to the World Cup. You would think "Western Europe" would just be "Europe", but nope, it means exactly that...Western European nations only. So if you're in the Eastern half of Europe, which of course Serbia is, you don't get to play for your home continent, and you have to hold out hope that someone else who wasn't selected for their nation isn't as good as you, or buddies with someone, just so you can play for Team World. And if you're still not good enough, then Team Mercs may come calling. That's where Niko is for this World Cup. And he's pissed. You decided he's not good enough to play for Europe because you felt the need to just say "fuck you" to every Eastern European country. You decided he's not good enough for Team World, which compared to other players there, he might not have been. Team Mercs took him and he's got a bone to pick with each and everyone of you fucks who made these rules and then decided to pass him by. Fuck you and your "Western Europe" bullshit. Im not really THIS angry, I just need to write about something. But it is pretty stupid it's only western countries, but I'm sure there's a good reason for leaving out half the continent.
  5. Figured as much, but still wanted to ask. I actually just saw that one of the questions you sent was also one I answered for that week so it works out in the end anyways.
  6. So I see the payouts from last seasons leaderboard were made, but did we just cancel the week 3 answers?
  7. I remember the first time I watched that and I was like "holy shit is that Matt Damon?!"
  8. Same here haha.
  9. 3-8-6
  10. Championship - Continental Cup: Quebec City MeuteBest Regular Season Record - Victory Cup: Riga ReignNorth American Conference Champion - Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy: Quebec City MeuteEuropean Conference Champion - Terence Fong Trophy: Riga ReignMVP - Scotty Campbell Trophy: Franchise CornerstonePlayoff MVP - Daisuke Kanou Trophy: Diana MaxwellLeading Points - Mike Szatkowski Trophy: Diana MaxwellLeading Goals - Kevin Brooks Trophy: Franchise Cornerstone Leading Assists - Alexander Beketov Trophy: Lukas MullerTop Defenseman - Sterling Labatte Trophy: Fabio JokinenTop Goalie - Aidan Shaw Trophy: Markus KingTop Rookie - Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy: Chase KellerBest Two-way Forward - Scott Boulet Trophy: Theo AxelssonExecutive of the Year - David Knight Trophy: Blake CampbellTop Leader - Grimm Jonsson Trophy: Franchise CornerstoneMost Sportsmanlike - Mikka Virkkunen Trophy: Essian RavenwingMost Improved - Dustin Funk Trophy: Ay Ay Ron Jokinen is an awfully weird way for people to spell Bogdonavic.
  11. Gotcha. That would make sense then if normal people can't see that, but Admins, BOD, etc could.
  12. Talking about Hedgehog. He's clearly active but for a couple of us now it's showing his last activity was August 12th. On your end it's Updated to thirty or so minutes ago. That's weird, yes?
  13. Says August 12th on my end too, yet he tagged me this morning in EXP points thread