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  1. Figured it was just a mass send thing, no worries.
  2. League Statement: RE: Why am I getting a league spam email Saying I’m inactive and to come back?
  3. Tony Stark went off into the sunset, probably to die, because that is what most Starks do.
  4. If Team Russia wins any golds at the Winter Olympics you get paid. OAR does not count.
  5. So is the 3 extra per PT/Welfare awarded for just this past season, or a players whole career?
  6. Player Name: Niko Bogdonavic Gift #: 3 Favorite gift received: Packers playoff tickets this season...oh wait.
  7. Every single one of the kids and trolls in the history of leagues, that’s who.
  8. This isn’t just for this league, this is dedicated to all the blue team members, or whatever color they may be at other leagues. God Bless you for having the strength to deal with the children. God Bless you for having the strength to deal with the trolls. God Bless you! It’s a thankless job, but no more! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU! I’m thankful I’m not in that position anymore. Too old for all this bullshit lol.
  9. You rang?
  10. 3-8-6
  11. D - Niko Bogdonavic wants a piece of this
  12. I don't get how hard it is to not insult someone you claim is important to you. Normal people don't do that. Think before you lash out and I think you'd be okay. You act first and think later. For those that want that change, it's easily obtainable.
  13. Are you guys talking about titties? Yah, you're talking about titties.
  14. Go ahead and send @der meisters to me and I'll make sure it gets sent out priority overnight on my company's dime. I didn't say what night, and it may be opened by time it gets there.