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  1. Looking forward to returning to the mag
  2. None of my players ever had an ending including Sullivan and Wahl
  3. Bash, context to what he was replying to is nice. He responded to a quote saying they are always lucky. I don't think STZ would deny he had some valuable assets to move..that isn't luck.
  4. To be fair there has been a major shift jn overhaul at the top and how we are approaching the future. But the you got the ball rolling way back and we appreciate all you did as you know Lynch. Gotta do overwatch soon.
  5. Disappointing for Cologne as we had something really good cooking there but we will see what happens. Good luck gents @bgreene21 @Kendrick @TheLastOlympian07 Frustrating way to end my run as GM but I guess I'll see where I go for a couple seasons.
  6. Its been that positions job since day 1 of the mag but I think an editor would make sense. Jericho used to do it for STZ at one point and I think for Ree too and it worked well. I dont think there is a huge issue with Bana or my content though.
  7. Yeah I had a feeling you were going to like this
  8. I think that would be fine. No different than writing two 500 word media spots.
  9. I know right? I've played with Devise twice (for a total of 2 seasons...1 season in NY and 1 here). Jericho I played with Kellinger for 1 season, AVB for 2 and Finn. Meanwhile..I've been in the league for over 40 seasons.
  10. We might do them again while playing a game. Also could do a more traditional one.
  11. Also Jericho did say hed do podcasts if we all do them so at some point we might get him earning here and there.
  12. I traded a player that ended up with similar TPE for Finn and a 1st. Fun fact..I didnt play with either of them for over 20 seasons.
  13. No worries. He would have. Just didnt know it was a joke.
  14. Cant say ive ever drafted one of his players? Nice try though.