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  1. A nice shutout by King
  2. User Name: gregreg EASTERN CONFERENCE (M1) Washington vs (M2) Pittsburgh Winner: Pittsburgh # of Games: 6 (A2) Ottawa vs (W1) New York Rangers Winner: New York # of Games: 6 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C3) St. Louis vs (W2) Nashville Winner: Nashville # of Games: 5 (P1) Anaheim vs (P2) Edmonton Winner: Anaheim # of Games: 7
  3. This is why I don't try and "discuss" hockey online. Smh at both of you The saddest shit I've seen in a long time
  4. Ovi speard at least two guys last night. And Kadri isn't going to fight anyone, shouldn't have to. Kadri is a guy I'm glad is on my team. You guys bitch too much in here
  5. Ovi isn't much better
  6. I accept
  7. That was a 7-0 game that could of easily could of gone to OT Washington who I have winning it all but get their shit together for round 2
  8. But yes if Toronto does some how find its way out of the first round Pittsburgh crushes them in 4
  9. #Capsin3
  10. Washington had that game and they let it slip away. GO LEAFS GO!!! #DARTGUY