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  1. thrower the king of the 2nd assist
  2. VHL Player Template ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Player Information Username: gregreg Full Name: Greg Gregory Position: LW Age: 25 Handedness: Left Recruited By/From: Would you like an experienced member to mentor you? Yes I'm so lost Player Attributes Total Points Earned: 30 CK = Checking: 40 FG = Fighting: 40 DI = Discipline: 40 SK = Skating: 70 ST = Strength: 40 PH = Puck Handling: 40 FO = Face Offs: 40 PA = Passing: 40 SC = Scoring: 40 DF = Defense: 40 PS = Penalty Shot: 40 EX = Experience: 40 LD = Leadership: 40 Other Jersey Number: 77 Height (inches): 72 Weight (lbs.): 197 Birthplace: Gregory, South Dakota, USA Awards Career Stats Player Movement Past Players
  3. I think Thrower won a cup so good for him but both are a waste of space and I'm sorry I ever created them. Good-bye to them both
  4. I like that I comeback to find both my players on New York :lol:

  5. A nice shutout by King
  6. User Name: gregreg EASTERN CONFERENCE (M1) Washington vs (M2) Pittsburgh Winner: Pittsburgh # of Games: 6 (A2) Ottawa vs (W1) New York Rangers Winner: New York # of Games: 6 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C3) St. Louis vs (W2) Nashville Winner: Nashville # of Games: 5 (P1) Anaheim vs (P2) Edmonton Winner: Anaheim # of Games: 7
  7. This is why I don't try and "discuss" hockey online. Smh at both of you The saddest shit I've seen in a long time