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  1. you are fake news
  2. why would i ever trade for your shit players. You are irrelevant
  3. S56 Training Camp +10 TPE (+5 skating +5 puck handling) S57 Training Camp +10 TPE (+5 scoring +5 puck handling) S54 Prediction Points +6 TPE S55 Prediction Points +5 TPE S56 Prediction Points +3 TPE S56 Experience Points +7 Experience Welfare +4 tpe Welfare +4 tpe Welfare +4 tpe Welfare +4 tpe Welfare +4 tpe Welfare +4 tpe Welfare +4 tpe Welfare +4 tpe Earned tpe = 73 Scoring: 53+17 = 70 Passing: 66+4=70 + (18/2) = 79 Strength: 50+20 = 70 Puck Handling: 60+10 = 70 Defense: 70+(4/2) = 72 Total Tpe = 202
  4. 4 for journeyman
  5. Wouldn't you just love to be traded to Calgary Also Helshitty is not even on my radar
  6. go home
  7. Something over 1900 words so this counts for the next 4 pts for the process
  8. "The Process" was a frustrating long process, as it took forever for one of the top teams to finally sell off. When New York did finally sell off, I missed out even though I offered an additional 1st round pick, so I had to wait an extra year to truly compete, which was annoying. Fortunately, the S57 Calgary Wranglers are a legitimate contender for the Continental Cup. Here is a look at how we got there, every since I took over my GM spot from Kesler. S54 Offseason To S54 NYA 1st (RW Verner Reinholdt) S54 TOR 2nd (D Jon Snow) S55 NYA 1st (LW Xavier Laflamme) To (S53) RW - Motherfucker Sharpe My first trade in my second stint as Calgary's GM saw me trading away a high-level prospect for lots of picks. My thought process at the time was that the team had very little in the way of players or picks, so I needed to accumulate lots of draft picks just to be able to fill out a roster in the future. Also, @JardyB10 had let me know he was going to be a goon, so I decided to trade him before his 99 checking and fighting became apparent, and lowered his trade value. Looking at the haul of picks at the time, I thought for sure this was a win for me, as getting two 1sts and a high 2nd from pretty solid drafts seemed like great value for a goon. However, Reinholdt aka @Devise wanted out of Calgary to play be on the same team as Advantage and Jericho. So I had to trade Reinholdt for a high 1st, which turned into Jake Scheel. Additionally, I traded away NYA S55 1st as 1/2 of my payment to get first overall and select Felix Savard. So in reality, here is what the wild Jardy trade looked like: To Jake Scheel Jon Snow 1/2 of Felix Savard To (S53) RW - Motherfucker Sharpe Overall, I would say this trade is still a win for me, but does not look as lopsided as before. Scheel was a promising prospect who went inactive, but still provides a decent depth player at 254 tpe. Jon Snow also was promosing at one time but is nothing more than a VHL superstar. The real piece that I think makes me win this trade is 1/2 of Felix Savard, as he is a stud #1 defenseman who could become the best defensemen in the league over the next few years. To S54 SEA 2nd (D Journeyman) To (S50) LW - Asher Donovan (S47) D - David Hamilton This was a very minor trade. I traded away two scrubby depth players for a late round 2nd. However, I made this trade knowing i could take my 2nd player, Journeyman, who had only 30 tpe at the time. Journeyman only has 120 something tpe right now, but if I ever update him he could turn into a decent depth player. This trade was pretty much a minor win win for both sides, as we both got depth players during our times of competing. To S56 STO 1st (D Ho Lee Fook) S56 COL 2nd (D Emil Martinov) To (S54) G - Marcus King This trade was a really interesting one. Under old VHL circumstances, a reliable high tpe earning goalie such as @Kendrick would be worth a lot more than a mid 1st and early 2nd. However, the second player rule has really messed with the goalie market, as the supply of goalies exceeds the demand at this point, with many high-tpe earning goalies having trouble findings a team to play for. I fortunately realized this pretty early on, and traded King for decent value considering the supply and demand. I wound up trading those picks. Unfortunately, the S56 draft was one of the worst in recent memory, as there were only 4 active players, and I selected @Will with the 5th pick, who has turned into a major bust. Because those picks sucked, I give Cologne the W on this one. Season 54 VHL Entry Draft 9. CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Stockholm): Markus King, 232 TPE10. CALGARY WRANGLERS (from New York): Verner Reinholdt, 133 TPE 12. CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Toronto via New York via Cologne): Jon Snow, 65 TPE13. CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Riga): Luca Volkov, 56 TPE 18. CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Seattle via Cologne via Calgary): JourneyMan, 30 TPE This draft was a fun one, as it was actually a pretty deep draft. I already went over King in good detail, though i will say I was really shocked when he fell to the 9th overall pick. I felt the value at the time was too good to pass up, but I learned my lesson by failing in my trade later, as the goalie market is just completely destroyed. Reinholdt would have been a great pick at 10th overall, as he has turned into a solid tpe earner, but because @Devise wanted to play with Advantage and Jericho sooooo badly, I had to trade him away, even though he would have fit into the rebuild rather nicely. I had big hopes for Jon Snow at pick 12, as I thought he was going to be the next big first gen. He was pretty active for a while and seemed like a great guy, but then he messaged me saying he was busy with his job and moving into a new house, and we haven't heard from him since. My best pick in this draft was actually @Kyle, as he has been a one of the most vocal Wrangler supporters, and he is quality first pairing defensemen. I'm not sure how he fell to me at pick 13, but I was very happy to take him. Lastly, I took Journeyman at pick 18, knowing that I could trust myself with my 2nd player. Journeyman will never be anything more than a depth player, but considering I got him pretty much for free I will take it. S55 Offseason To (S53) C - Marc-Alexandre Leblanc To S55 CGY 1st (C Peter Quill) This trade was an interesting one, as both Leblanc and Quill have fulfilled their expectations and turned into the players they were expected to be. I wanted to move out of the rebuild stage into competing, so I traded for an already proven player in Leblanc, who is now a quality first line forward. In exchange, I gave up 3rd overall, which turned into Peter Quill. Currently I would rate Quill as more of a 2nd line player, but he is two seasons younger and should be a first liner by the time he is Leblanc's age. I would say this trade was even, and a win-win for both sides as I got the older more developed player in @Pandar to move me out of my rebuild, and Riga @Green as the younger player to suit their level of competitiveness as the time. To S55 COL 1st (D Felix Savard) To S55 NYA 1st (LW Xavier Laflamme) S56 CGY 1st (D Matthieu Bourdon) This was one of my best trades I've ever made as a GM. I gave up pick 7 in the S55 draft, along with a non-lottery pick in the S56 draft. I suppose Punkhippie expected my S56 1st to be a lottery pick, but since I didn't own my pick in the next draft I figured I would compete and wound up making the playoffs. This trade was a clear win for me. @Frank is a stud number one defenseman, and will continue to be for many seasons. Laflamme is a fine depth player with his tpe in the 200s, and Bourdon turned into nothing as the S56 draft was poop. A stud number one defensemen in exchange for a depth player was a major win, and helped me turn this franchise around. To S55 TOR 1st (C Jake Scheel) To (S54) RW - Verner Reinholdt I've already addressed this trade, so I will keep it short. Devise wanted out to go play with Advantage and Jericho, so I had to trade him to either Stockholm, Toronto or Davos. I will also add Devise was really butthurt that Davos didn't pick him for some reason. This trade was a loss for me, but I got as much value as I could for a whiny player who wanted out. Reinholdt is the better tpe earner, while Scheel is just a depth player at this point (though it did look like he had a lot of potential at one point). Season 55 VHL Entry Draft 1. CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Cologne): Felix Savard, 198 TPE 5. CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Seattle via Toronto): Jake Scheel, 108 TPE 13. CALGARY WRANGLERS: Corey Klopfenstein, 74 TPE Savard was the obvious choice at first overall, and he has fulfilled his potential so far. Scheel looked like another next big first gen, but also flaked out eventually. He is still a decent enough 2nd liner though. Klopfenstein was just a shot in the dark as this draft wasn't as deep, and only turned into a VHLM superstar. If I could redo this draft, I would have taken Niko Bogdanovic, who was selected one spot after Scheel. @Jonessee27 is turning into quite the stud defenseman, and him paired with Savard and Volkov would have just shut teams down. S56 Offseason I'm starting to run out of steam here, and my trades weren't very big this season, so I will keep it short. Also, this is where the trade tracker stops and I'm too lazy to make this look pretty. I pretty much just traded 2nds and 3rds for depth players. My biggest trade was trading Davos my S58 2nd for Elijah Dotran. That was a win for both sides, as Davos got a cap dump and a pick that maybe turns into something, and I got a solid depth defenseman. The S56 draft sucked, with only 4 active players. I had the 6th overall pick , and @Will's 2nd player turned into a bust for me, which sucks. Hitting on this pick would have helped with the rebuild, but this draft was just sooo bad. I had really hoped to trade for some higher tpe player this season, but was somehow beaten out even though I offered @STZ an additional 1st round pick for the same players. S57 Offseason To Calgary: Shawn Gretzky @TheLastOlympian07 Motherfucker Sharpe @JardyB10 To Davos: S57 CGY 1st S58 CGY 1st S59 CGY 1st This was my one move this season, as I pretty much raged at the long rebuild and threw all my picks at Davos in order to get some higher tpe players. I consider this trade to be 2 1sts for Gretzky, and one first for Sharpe. I actually think this trade is pretty even, a past history has shown drafts to be some good and some terrible, so who knows how those late round picks will end up. If Davos hits on 2 of those 1sts, I say the trade is even. If Davos hits on 1 or less, they lost the trade. If Davos hits on all 3 of those picks, they won the trade. Gretzky is a great first line player to have, and I was glad to finally be on a team with @TheLastOlympian07. And I also found it funny how I essentially got @JardyB10 back for just one 1st rounder, when I originally traded him for 2sts and a 2nd. Also glad to have the rigger on my team too
  9. solid
  10. both r better than seattle
  11. I saw 29 posts and was expecting a shitfest
  12. lol looks legit
  13. Nice
  14. Seattle is not even on my radar