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  1. Free boubabi
  2. @Willwherer is chat/?

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    2. Higgins


      Shut up about chat already, like it's some godsend. There was like 1k messages sent a month when it was removed. It really died. It was great 5 years ago though, but like I said it died off.

    3. Higgins
    4. Bring Back Chat

      Bring Back Chat

      Shut up Higgins you said you would have it weeks ago and I am a child and demand chat

  3. still waiting for chat

  4. No one cares about baseball though
  5. Still waiting for chat

  6. He is being carried being on Coot's wing Should take away the C give it to someone else Laude Giroux
  7. Simmonds is back to be a 3rd liner and PP specialist
  8. I still don't think he's a good coach. His team is being carried by a few elite guys right now, and he still makes stupid lineup decisions
  9. What will happen first, chat being brought back or the first humans to land on Mars?

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    2. Bring Back Chat

      Bring Back Chat

      ^If I had a dollar for every time I heard that I'd have more money than Higgins when he steals drapers lunch money

    3. Beketov


      Literally if @Higgins gets done what he needs to do we could likely have it back within the week.

    4. Higgins


      I'd love to steal drapes stupid lunch money. Guy probably doesn't even eat lunch

  10. where the hell did you go

    1. DollarAndADream


      He was like, "hey look, I got drafted to the VHL! Perfect time for inactivity!"



    2. Beaviss


      Perfect time for frank to trade for him also