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  1. Cool, I apparently picked a good weekend to be away then.
  2. Woooo! Appreciated my man
  3. ... so the TPE extras given out to people for past updates aren't counting towards actual TPE/against the cap?
  4. This is a good point I haven't seen addressed (publicly at least) as well: I'm assuming the salary cap structure is changing since everyone's about to be earning a lot more TPE?
  5. And adding onto this: We'll be doing a regular update tomorrow (will be in the afternoon for me), after which Will will be doing the conversions. The extra TPE tallies are separate, but I imagine not too long after that. So getting stuff in as quickly as possible would be cool
  6. Dammit Team Hedgehog! Thanks for doing this though, love the concept
  7. Confused the hell out of me in the middle of updating, but I like it
  8. Sorry I missed this before, been so darn busy recently. But yay already making it! Forward: Shawn Gretzky Defenceman: Aleksei Federov Goalie: Vernon Von Axelberry
  9. Two long, pointless Boubabi threads then a post in the Ban Thread? You can't tease me like that Beketov.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Beketov


      It very nearly was but I refuse to ban someone over thunderdome topics unless shit gets very out of hand. If he wants to attack me that’s fine; I have thicker skin than he thinks.

    3. Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)

      Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)

      Glad it wasn't my man Boubs

    4. tfong
  10. Well done, I like it a lot. Clean and easy to look at
  11. Player Name: Gabriel McAllister Gift #: 1 Favorite gift received: Money, honestly
  12. Got my attention with free TPE
  13. Barely in, but I'll take it!
  14. Good stuff, think that's a good call. I'm interested in the VHLM-type Wild Card round as well, think that could be a lot of fun. Thanks to the admins for doing something proactive to help