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  1. For what it's worth, not that most of you care admittedly, I'm going to be away for the next two weeks starting tomorrow morning. Try not to burn the place down while I'm gonna okay?
  2. Fixed the title for you.
  3. I didn't do much but still nice to chase Moon and get s good win here.
  4. He can have it, I'm still the only one to ever hit double digits in one game haha
  5. I don't hold many records here, let me have this damnit!
  6. We're officially done Beketov Podcast week, I can go on vacation now haha. In this episode I play some Diablo 3 (and best Diablo) and answer a quick question from @JardyB10 before going into some usual Shoots the shit ranting about my current player, talking about my past and future ones, talking about how @STZ is some kind of STHS God, and taking a look at the standings. It's a little all over the place. *For the week of Oct 30 - Nov 5
  7. Given Seattle's schedule thus far I'm not too surprised by them starting hot. The wins they have are, for the most part, games they definitely were expected to win. Not says no they aren't playing well but more games against top teams will make a big difference I think.
  8. Come talk when you hit double digits in a game @Kendrick
  9. Boeser is finally going off... and is taking all my points
  10. Basically. = Twitch Sarcasm more or less anyway.
  11. Fair enough. Just wanted to make sure since the old ones weren't sorted.
  12. You might be like me, incapable of making scorers no matter how hard I try. The player with the assist award named after him was built to score believe it or not.
  13. Good 8 games Calgary. Maybe we'll see you in the playoffs.
  14. Did you check archived extras as well? Anything that had been archived before like 2 weeks ago would be in there. I didn't go through and sort everything out (that's a major project for another time). Honestly I do recall you using this before but maybe it wasn't for a PT.
  15. We're back in Modern Warfare Remastered carrying teams and answering questions from @DollarAndADream / phone calls from my wife. Posting early so that I have PT's done when I'm on vacation. *For the week of October 23 - 29