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  1. If your keyboard broke, and you can only use your mouse, please like this. That's my guess at why you keep on popping back but don't do shit

    1. Beaviss


      Maybe the randomized said he cannot talk?

  2. When I click on the link it says the folder is empty?
  3. I'll let you once you can match my 58% weapon accuracy average with him.
  4. @Tagger is still a threat! I did a quick podcast recently where I was talking about things I'd like to see changed in the VHLM, and one of the things I brought up was more updates in the sim, as guys haven't had any of their points added from the previous 2 board updates and follows on from last season where guys who created at the trade deadline never got an update. Do you think that's something that needs looking at or is the sim updating fine the way it is? Frank's recent mock draft had you going fifth overall. What do you make of that projection? Also, do you believe that the recent amount of defensemen being created will have an effect on draft stock like it did in the VHLM draft?
  5. That hat-trick!
  6. http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/bkmtxRy2/file.html Just did a quick podcast about the things I'd like to see changed in the VHLM to improve the experience.
  7. 5-2 Vikings Predictions courtesy of Random.org
  8. Reign Legion Vikings Americans Predictions courtesy of Random.org
  9. Unexpected error report; Does Not Include @Beaviss Hat Trick GG, @punkhippie and @Spade18 had a good one
  10. Nice work Vegas! Good game for @RadiatedGold as well!
  11. Wow, that was quite the power-play from Ottawa
  12. @Zark and @haffiedq!
  13. Close game, @Zark with his 3rd straight 2 point game!
  14. That third period though!
  15. You are taking this joke far too seriously. I'm not doing this for any serious recognition from anyone, all I was after was a spot on top of a spreadsheet, because that's funny to me. I couldn't care less if people didn't recognize it as the "actual" record.