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  1. Good to know VHL will continue to exist into the future tbh. Great selections for blue team.
  2. ban Lukas Muller so I can win the Beketov again.

    1. Beketov


      I've never won it since it has had my name; how do you think I feel?

    2. gorlab


      Pfft, the trophy is named after you. It's like you win it every season! :P

  3. Oh baby, this idea has been done to death.
  4. what's your fashion sense like? how would you describe your personal fashion style? 2 things that you did this summer? do you like pumpkin spiced beverages? im out
  5. watching boubabi live stream a sig for the first time
  6. Who's asked you the most questions in der podcast history? Seen any good movies lately? Are there any summer movies you are wanting to see? Are you watching/following the NJPW G1 Climax? If so, any prediction on the winner? Do you think Adam Cole will be a success in NXT/WWE?
  7. VHL is becoming a man
  8. im still here tbh 

  9. Can you do a livesig and upload it to YouTube so we can reference it as a learning tool for new gfx people? (same question to @boubabitbh) At what point of the season is Sokolov going to start choking and throw away his Labatte trophy?
  10. tough choice tbh
  11. Is Higgins submitting VHL Trivia questions again?


    Somebody need to get slapped over 1a this week tbh.

    1. Higgins


      lol what's the question that's got you crushin 

    2. Gudnason


      Me and Bobby Digital trivia buddies lol

  12. here u go fam @Imperium something light u can use for a sig for the time being edit: nvm, i see bushito made u a nice one.... @Will edit his sig so it displays correctly IMO
  13. thoughts on the conclusion of the NHL playoffs? goals/assists/hits/pims prediction for ravenwing this season? will bobby digital score 10+ goals this year?
  14. JardyB10 is Brad Wall

    1. Bushito


      I hope so, Brad Wall is amazing