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  1. Nice win! Somehow @Boragina is the only one kept without a point
  2. Big game for @bgreene21! And just kidding you have 4 assists!
  3. DeGrath for Shaw.
  4. 10/16-10/22 VHL Fan590 +1 +1 TPE Puck Handling: 70.5+(1/2)= 71 Total TPE: 261+1= 262
  5. OSLO, NORWAY - Do you have what it takes? The Oslo Storm of the Victory Hockey League Minors are currently searching for a starting goaltender for Season 57. While the team currently sits in 1st place in the league, goaltending is a bit of a sore spot for the team, as their starting currently has the worst save percentage. Seeking: Any individual with a modicum of goaltending ability. While this is an entry-level goaltending position, don't be surprised if we also request you to perform additional duties that may or may not be related at all to the position you were hired for. Qualifications: Preferred candidates will have 5+ years of prior experience for this entry-level position. Must be a team player. Progress towards some certification that would actually make you over-qualified for this position preferred but not required. Compensation: We're going to leave this blank in regards to any salary number, but we both know this is going to be below market value. Good benefits though! Travel: >50%
  6. You have 4!
  7. o
  8. Sobeck with his first point @Boragina! Also just realized we now have 2 Elias's on the team.
  9. Close one!
  10. Welcome to the league @Konan713! How did you find us?
  11. At least I got some points.
  12. No idea.
  13. Nice win! Macht can't buy a point at this point though
  14. Nope.
  15. Welcome back @Boragina! Oslo offers $1 million. We offer the deepest forward core in the league, with 4 forwards currently slated to hit the 175 TPE max by the end of the season. I can offer 2C and a legit chance to win a Founder's Cup!