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  1. So... what happened to the new forum?

    1. Will


      should be anyday now Higgins dragging his feet

    2. Higgins
    3. Will


      Monday..no Wednesday...no Thursday confirm... :)) 

  2. Wife and son sick... hope to get last weeks Autograph up tonight

    1. Tyler


      damn hope its nothing too serious. Had strep a few weeks back and even if it's nothing serious it still ruins your life for a few days lol

    2. Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)
    3. JardyB10


      They're picking up your dirty diseases! :P

  3. Should have been called Lizard. Like he was a Brazilian soccer player with one name
  4. Autograph delayed till tomorrow due to 7 day work week. Off tomorrow and Tuesday

  5. I've done my job
  6. Monday is the 19th
  7. With the creative cuffs off Autograph now is evolving to what it should be and look like. I ran out of time today to solidify change but obvious changes have been made.

  8. Autograph to finally have it's look more or less locked down this week. I will begin releasing articles tonight

  9. Autograph edition 2 coming soon

  10. USA wins Gold! this spoiler has been brought to you by Autograph

  11. Who's the elizabeth swaney of the VHL? #Autographpoll

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BluObieZ


      You shut your mouth

    3. Green


      I would love to take that honor.

      Adam Warlock

    4. BluObieZ


      You got it

  12. Autograph had a few hiccups in its debut. Less flashy then wanted. Pictures did not work on portal and 2 writers could not submit this week. Everything should be ready for edition 2.

  13. Autograph drops tonight. With a soft launch. It will be more showy next week