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  1. EP4 Delayed till Tuesday at the earliest

  2. EXT-CEMENTARY-MORNING A large group of people gather at the site of the grave of Mayor Toast. As the priest stands there giving his eulogy. Priest The mayor of this great city was gunned down in cold blood. It has left this city with a massive hole. A hole in the office and a hole in our hearts, but with great sorrow there will be answers. The lord does not allow for unspeakable violence for no reason. There is a lesson here that he wants us to learn. The lesson is treasure what you have, while you have it. Sure there was many that did not agree with the mayor’s ways but he sure did not deserve to be gunned down in the streets. I am sure the lord will allow the boys in blue of this city to find the person who did this. So we and the lord can judge him. King can be seen sitting in his truck as he drinks from a bottle of Jack. He is looking through binoculars at Mulligan @TheLastOlympian07 who is standing in the crowd of people as the Priest finishes. King raises his hand to his ear. King Good now go hug that son of a bitch. Make him believe you are on his side Mulligan I don’t know King Well I do! So fucking do it Mulligan walks over to Ciroc @Philand hugs him. Ciroc pushes him away Ciroc What on earth are you doing? Ciroc looks around Ciroc Where’s the mental case? Mulligan You mean King? Uh… not here. I came to pay my respects to the mayor. Ciroc laughs Ciroc I know what happened. Once the new mayor gets put in place later today it all will be revealed. Mulligan makes an odd inquisitive face Mulligan I don’t know what you are talking about Ciroc gets close to Mulligan and stares him down almost like he is trying to read his mind Ciroc I think you know more than you say you do Mulligan Nope, I know nothing Ciroc You sure? Mulligan Yep! I’m blank King You can say that again King says on the microphone Ciroc I’ve got my eye on you two. I know where you guys are at all times. King Yet he doesn’t know I’m right here King says on the microphone BLACK Theme Song KING AND MULLIGAN INT-INTEROGATION ROOM-DAY Dom @Green sits in the interrogation room with his hands cuffed behind his back. On the other side of the one may mirror we can see DON UTS @Banackockand LOU TENNANT @Tyler standing there. Don stands there sipping his coffee intensely. Don This fucker did it Lou He was spotted near the scene but he has no motive to do it Don I know he did it. There is a reason why he has been in jail fourteen times in the past year Lou King Don What? Lou King is the reason Don Well… I’ll be the reason why he goes away for good… Don sips his coffee Don For Murder INT-CAR-DAY King is driving away from the cemetery Mulligan Why didn’t you show your face? He was the mayor King Fuck him Mulligan You are a police officer King Fuck the police Mulligan I don’t like when you get like this King I don’t like when you get like this Mulligan Like what? King Living INT-INTEROGATION ROOM-DAY Don storms into the room and is followed by a calm Lou. Don slams his fist onto the table Don Listen here you sack of shit! You are going away for a long long time. Maybe even in the god damn ground. Lou steps in and pulls Don back Lou What my partner is trying to say is we want a few answers Lou stinks his hand out as he wants to shake hands with Dom. But Dom is cuffed and cannot shake hands. Lou realizes this and sits down across from Dom Lou My name is Lou Tennant and this is my partner Don Uts Dom bursts out laughing. Which makes Don freak out and get right in the face of Dom Don WHAT’S SO FUNNY YOU LITTLE PUNK? Dom Nothing! Just find it odd how you two are cops with names like that Don Like what? Dom Well your name is Don uts which sounds like donuts and his name is Lou Tennant which sounds like Lieutenant. It’s almost like you two were distant to become cops Don Shut up! You aren’t allowed to make jokes. Only confessions. INT-CAR-DAY King pulls up to a dock and parks King Okay, now that sack of shit out of the way we have to play our next card carefully Mulligan Okay. Don’t do that King Do what? Mulligan The guy just got put in the ground and you are talking ill of him King Don’t forget why he is in there Mulligan Do I even want to remember why? King You sir a wimp Mulligan No I just know the difference between right and wrong and it’s becoming more and more clear that you don’t or just don’t care King You knew this for a long time. So if you are having second guesses then maybe use the door next to you Mulligan thinks for a second then lets out a deep sigh Mulligan Okay… why are we here? King For the next phase in the plan Mulligan Oh god INT-INTEROGATION ROOM-DAY Don looks frustrated as he looks at Dom Don So you want me to believe that you have been living in a trunk. Which you call “quite spacious” and you were let out just as this all happened. Then you went back in? Dom Pretty much Don Do you think I’m a fool? Some sort of moron who would believe anything you say just to get out of murder? Dom Nope. I see you as a smart man. One that may see when someone is telling you the truth Don You are playing me like a fool. Like a damn violin. Dom NO! I actually want your help. Don My help? With what? Just then two men in suits bursts into the room and pick up Dom and start to carry him out Don Excuse me, where you taking him? Dom Save me from this! One of the men hands Don a note that simply reads “FUCK YOU, He’s ours now” and with a FBI stamp at the bottom. Don walks back into the room and sits across the table from Lou. Don Something stinks Lou Sorry. I farted Don No about this all. There is something fishy going on. EXT-DOCKS-DAY King and Mulligan walk up to Fong @tfong who is eating a bowl of noodles at the end of the dock Fong You late King Shut up, I’m here Fong So is guy… ocean King What? Fong You late, I eat noodle. Problem? King What on earth are you fucking talking about? Fong I see you, do see me? King Are we playing the world’s worst game of hide and seek? King looks at Mulligan Mulligan I don’t know? Mulligan looks on confused Fong Fong summon you, because Fong nice. Fong has info for you but it come at price King Mulligan pay the man Mulligan But I only got a fiver King MULLIGAN! Mulligan reaches into his back pocket for his wallet Fong Fong no want money. Fong want you. Police you. To look the other noodle. Ignore Noodle… Poodle. You no see what I no do. Get ot? King Ot? Mulligan I think he means it Fong If you want info, you no look at noodle King I have no fucking clue what you are saying but sure. Just fucking tell me. Fong Okay but you no see man. Sea. Water. Deep. Noodle. INT-ROOM-DAY Dom is now seated in a room with his hands still behind his back as Ciroc now enters the room. Circo Time for you to live up to why the mayor kept you around Dom Which is? Ciroc You will see Ciroc motions to someone to come into the room INT-STATION-DAY Don and Lou sit at their desks as they watch the news. Where we hear that the new mayor is about to be introduced to the public. Don Whoever it is, we have to make sure that there isn’t a bigger plot to bring down the moral fabric and shit that we love about this country and city Lou What are you talking about? Don You don’t just gun down a corrupt mayor for no reason and then hang up the gun. You do it for a reason. We need to find that reason. We need to find the who and the why Lou What about the What? Don What? Lou Exactly EXT-DOCKS-DAY Fong Now know you King If I understood your shitty English then that’s pretty fucked Fong Noodles. Future. If no Canadian King I have no idea what you mean Fong Water no understand either Mulligan spots something in the water Mulligan King King Not now. I have to teach this asianic fuck English Fong Noodle no English King FUCK YOU! ENGLISH!!!!!!!! I cannot deal with this fuck… GOD DAMN IT! King walks away in anger King I have no idea what I agreed to just now but fuck this guy Mulligan leans down to see a person in the water that clearly has their hands tied up. Fong obviously is the reason why he is dead. Fong leans down next to Mulligan. Fong See. Water no understand either. Mulligan stands up and walks away fast Mulligan KING! INT-PRESS CONFERENCE-DAY A person walks up to the podium Person What happened to the mayor is a horrible unspeakable act. But together as a city we must move forward. We must find out who did this. The man that will lead us moving forward is dedicated to making this city safer. This man is a wise man who experience in the deep and shady back world. He knows the comings and goings of the criminal empire. He is the man that will make us safe and he is the man that will help find the mayors killer. This man is… DRAMATIC PAUSE Person Dominic Green Fade to black END
  3. King and Mulligan EP3 and EP4 drops tonight!

  4. @TheLastOlympian07 he should go to the SWC3 school for "players who can't play that good. But want to be play better"
  5. But not stopping cocks in his ass
  6. Lol hahahaha okay that redeemed your role.
  7. Next outburst out of you and Fong dies with a donkey cock in his ass
  8. Robin Shandrell

  9. I had nothing to do with this. Thought he was long gone. Didn't even know he was on the team. It's all on him. He wanted to be a baby about it. I don't bring shit into LR's
  10. And I care? maybe Fong is a confused individual.
  11. So much so all I had to do was sign. I didn't even know he was on the team. I actually didn't do anything here. I tend to keep shit out of LR's. But in this case I kept it out of my mind. This was interesting to find out. That my presence had an effect
  12. I just met with the Presidentof the virgin islands 

  13. MS +6 MS +6 Writer Pay +7 Writer Pay +7 Writer Pay +7 MS +6 +1 +1 TC +10 Points Earned: 51 31 points added to Size 81.33+31=90 20 points added to Agility 80+20=86.25 TPE:455