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  1. The VHL is diseased with another player using a similar name to a previous one of yours.
  2. We had 2 players - Got removed 8 teams not 10 5 VHLM teams The Legion's 3 peat We can earn 12 a week now Press Conferences are a thing
  3. @Will @Beketov @Devise @JardyB10 maybe this can be implemented this off-season for those currently in the VHLM? No one has posted against it and we all know it would be very helpful for those who have to stay another season. This way those members can enjoy the full 8 seasons instead of just 7.
  4. 3 TPE extra per week. That could amount to being an extra 210-240 TPE over the course of 8 seasons for someone.
  5. This is mainly for those people like first gens who come in with 30 TPE. Those who don't want to spend years in the VHLM will know how to get out of there when they need to get out. Or they could always talk to their GM about playing up.
  6. We already gave into inflation, so why not keep going?
  7. What I mean is if a player is in the VHL and can't make it in one season to go up, don't let it count against his 8 full seasons.
  8. We don't pay for TPE anymore so why not let us be able to carryover our bank player to player?
  10. Blind bud?
  11. Even better, 2 words bud.
  12. Nothing, just didn't wanna say a basic no. Plus all the suggestions were garbo.
  13. FUCK NO. No. Hell no. Yes. No. Uh yeah.
  14. Now there is only one thing left to bring back.
  15. @Beketov thanks for finally posting this.