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  1. We're nearing the end of our current billing period with IPB hosting, so we will be making the move either today or early tomorrow morning. IPB's restrictions means we have to wait for them to provide us with backups, so we can't give an exact time as to when we'll recieve those. But you should EXPECT DOWNTIME WITHIN THE NEXT 24H Beyond that, connecting to site via vhlforum.com might be spotty for a day or so. That said, I'm going to try to replace the 'FORUM' link on the Portal (you may want to bookmark the portal) with a direct link to the new server once we make a change, so if vhlforum.com isn't working for you yet you SHOULD be able to access the forum through that link. It can take up to 24-48h for vhlforum.com to work for everyone.
  2. Weird, no idea
  3. I’m not going to debate it here. As I made clear, we’re not looking to stifle all debate or arguement - I’m perfectly fine with people having debates even when they turn heated, I said as much Beketov this morning that some drama is fine and even healthy for the board. What this is about us the consistent, deliberate nonsense that people are fighting about. And as I attempted to make clear in the announcement, I place fault in the way people respond to some silly things as well as the people who say them. But when it’s obvious how something is going to turn out, it’s time to ignore each other and move on. Nobody wants to see that every second day. Lastly I reckon you, or someone else, would come up with a problem with any mod we choose. I think Quil will be fair and hey if you don’t think so there’s 3 more of us. In any case this is past discussion, we need the nonsense to stop so we’re not dealing with every day. If if you have questions I’d be happy to answer them in PM, everyone will be treated equally and fairly, all we’re asking is for people to avoid antagonizing people and cool the personal attacks. League related debate and arguing is what we need, not mindless jibbrish.
  4. Dear VHL, Over the past while there has been significant and mostly needless drama plaguing the forum. We're seemingly constantly being dragged into chiildish arguements and fights and they've become a major headache and complete waste of time for us. Therefore, it's sadly become necessary for us make this statement drawing lines in the sand to make clear that we are going to resolve this issue one way or the other. As it stands, we try to not take sides in childish bickering between members because that's exactly what it is - childish, many times on both sides of the arguement. At the same time, there is obviously times where people make a conscious, deliberate effort to antagonize people and that needs to stop - it's not clever and is usually completely obvious that a reaction is expected. Just as important as not antagonizing people in the first place, we need people to stop biting when someone does. If its obvious someone is baiting you or another member, I'll tell you plainly that the blue team/moderators will be more receptive if you send it to them to deal with and move on with your life instead of blowing up and fueling the very fire that you claim to want to put out. I'm not saying ignore it - if something is bothering you, DO absolutely send it to mods but please, if we want to avoid these ridiculous arguements then we need people to help out by taking the high road instead of unwittingly becoming a part of the problem. For our part we will commit to responding to every valid report made or explaining why we don't see it to be valid if it isn't. Finally, a little known feature of the forum is the ability to ignore. If you don't want to see anything from a specific member, use it. Clearly this is not ideal but the fact is some people will never get along. In the end, this is not a new issue but rather one the league has been broadly dealing with since its creation. We've always been relaxed with moderation, and we will continue to be - by no means do we want or intend to stifle all debate or arguement especially when it comes to debating awards and other league related things. However, it is clear that we need to make our position on matters of drama and fighting more clear. We're not going to write rigid rules, but as of right now the blue team is officially sick of dealing with and will respond proportionally to the following: people exhibiting a pattern of baiting/making unprovoked antagonizing comments people exhibiting a patten of unnecessarily or unfairly targeting specific members over and over people who wander from healthy debate to personal attacks for no reason childish bickering To help enforce this, we've decided to bring back the Global Mod team. @Smarch and @Quik will be global moderators and will have the authority to issue warnings and posting suspensions and, together with Beketov and I, will make all discipline-related decisions. We've chosen these members because they're clear headed, free of bias, and won't be afraid to call people out when they need to be called out. In conclusion, we are asking everyone to do their part in resolving the current fighting issues. We're sick of dealing with it and I know many of you are sick of seeing it. It's become far too predictable, and now that our position has been made crystal clear to all, we will be responding to these issues as they come and if the intent is clear, the discussion will not be whether or not to suspend, it will be for how long. - Will and Beketov
  5. I suggested this fairly recently in the BOG as we were talking about career extensions and stuff I don't think anyone was against it.
  6. I will fix the whole thing later but for now consider the 60% section will start after today’s sim, which will be roughly in line with the history of deadline players playing about 20 games with their new teams.
  7. EST is not my timezone tho..............
  8. The Season 59 Trade Deadline will be Monday, March 19th at 12:01 AM EST. In other words, you have until the end of Sunday to make trades.
  9. little known pro-tip: you can re-size images right in the text editor by double clicking them
  10. Your best player was on TV



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  11. I just think the IM facebook-style chat is so well-suited for a forum like this where there's constantly a need for communication between GMs, players, ect. And I don't think you can really beat the convenience of old chat, I don't know how far you can go with discord integration and IPB but I can't imagine it being more convenient. Plus, we already have the chat purchased from long ago anyways so its just a matter of being able to install it. Plus, moving opens the door to more than just chat. Right now we're basically restricted from installing anything that requires us accessing the site files.
  12. The exact same Nothing really changing other than chat
  13. Hello all, This is an important announcement regarding the Forum. Higgins and I have been discussing this for a bit as well as the other admins and we've come to decide that we're going to move the VHL Forum off of IPB's hosting and migrate it to the same server holding the VHL Portal and, as of the other day, the indexes/games. The two major reasons behind this are: 1) As most people know, we've had some issues with not being able to use 3rd party addons like chat with IPB hosting 2) Cost So first, we will be able to bring back Chat immediately, which there is pretty much no way we can do with IPB hosting due to restrictions put in place. Chat is the main thing but this move will give us much more control over the site for other things in the future. Second, IPB hosting is very expensive compared to outside hosting companies - we aren't have issues paying the bills or anything but when you consider the restrictions we face on it and that we already have another capable server running that's free of said restrictions, it doesn't make much sense. Moving requires a upfront cost of about $200 for the self-hosted license, but should also reduce our monthly expenses by approx. 20-30 dollars so it will pay for itself eventually. What to expect I'll have another announcement with the exact day we plan on making the move and some more details. However, you shouldn't expect much more than some temporary downtime. Everything will be transferred to the new site, including the vhlforum.com domain. Any downtime we have should only be related to waiting for the vhlforum.com domain to update so that it points to the new server. They say it can take 24-48 hours to correctly point in all cases - in my experience it starts to work on and off pretty quickly but tends to take about a day to work correctly every time. That said, I believe I'll be able to provide you with a direct link to the new site before we move the forum (I'll also include in the message you'll see if vhlforum.com directs you to THIS community) so you'll be able to access the site that way while we wait for vhlforum.com to come along. We will probably do this late this week or early next week.
  14. We have sped up playoffs to some degree already, and they'll be a little faster again this season: - The 'WIldcard' round was simmed 4/7 last season, this season and in the future it's going to be 2/3 - We now sim two games per day on both the semi-finals and finals up to game 4 (as opposed to one game per day in the finals) So it's not inconceivable that playoffs could be as short as 1-1.5 week now.