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  1. No discrimination and basically the same.
  2. Just like when inactive sometimes win awards (I'm sure they have, right?) but yeah - I thought just 1.. lol
  3. I've always loved you. People cry but John Scott still played in the All-Star game. Que G is a living legend walking down the streets in Canada.
  4. Quebec G needs love.
  5. Also didn't vote for an NFL player. Pretty different if you ask me. Doesn't make sense for anyone but DeGrath to get votes. Maybe Ironside that's it.
  6. I know my vote carried a huge volume on this riding though.
  7. That's why i did it..
  8. Welcome back @JPL
  9. IMO.. Boubabi too for reviving HSK and getting wins.
  10. IMO.. Boubabi too for reviving HSK and getting wins.
  11. Is it a popularity vote or what? STZ 11110%. Then she's a close draw but @DollarAndADream has been doing great this season. Beaviss no lol..
  12. @TheLastOlympian07 Shawn Gretzky still #1 in my heart (couldnt pick myself hehehe)
  13. @hedgehog337 i bet u punkhippie still tries to log on