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  1. @CowboyinAmerica @Green UNLEASHED
  2. Ouch. Something, something, gaydar.
  3. good click bait. Got me wanting to see some kitties.
  4. Nice! Happy to see some boys rollin! GG, TOR.
  5. Chasing the King from his throne - make no mist4ke about it! Much better sim.
  6. Woo!!
  7. Not for another season or three.
  8. Lol at least Cologne is better than DavIS
  9. Yeah, I haven't shut that off yet, haha. #Davis4President
  10. Congrats on one win and that big ole win against Davis this sim too!!
  11. King being King x2.
  12. King being King.
  13. Not all of us can be great like you and start early in the off-season with the chirping. I will note this down as one of my greatest achievements. Thank you. That was really good!
  14. Doubtful. NYA is streaking.
  15. Your radar doesn't go that high in the standings?