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  1. Yeah so did I. Yeah inactives should never win awards, I'll never vote for them
  2. It speaks volumes that any BOG member would do voting that way. Not calling him out directly because it's not like this is BOG, but I mean it's active member we are screwing over with that mindset. Or maybe @Banackock is like me and didn't fully know that after the 1st person is voted in, the other votes count for the next 3.
  3. I say its veto'd anyways. Thats not fair to active members
  4. Imagine not voting DeGrath.
  5. What are you talking about Ditka, I'm not part of the OP
  6. They would be capped too. So as soon as you hit a certain mark, you go to the VHL and cant bank anything more
  7. I would also make the parity even worse
  8. Not a bad thing to look at given how much TPE you can make per week
  9. Wait your turn
  10. Haha
  11. Not antagonizing anyone. Just stating it was a post in the BOG that sparked the discussion on it.
  12. ^takes credit even though it wasn't him that changed it.
  13. Sexy? My Love? My baby back, baby back, baby back ribs? Our girls? That 70's Show?
  14. I liked it. Weeded out the bad apples as well haha