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  1. I agree. Consuming salaries adds a whole new element to franchise building. Makes it funner. All for it.
  2. Oops i knew that.
  3. 1. There should be a central location for ALL tutorials, and in depth tutorials on all aspects (big undertaking, I know). When starting I had to ask a lot of questions because i couldnt navigate around and find the answers easily enough. I’m still learning ways to get weekly uncapped tpe (fantasy, reviews, etc etc). This section should contain tutorials on all aspects, enough to theoretically get a player all the way through their 1st players career and getting the 2nd player started. Theyre just too spread out. Also maybe assign a couple mentors and tutors, then send a form message to all new players welcoming them and tagging the mentors so they know exactly who to contact with questions.
  4. I dont even know how long the seasons are but they definitely move at a pretty good pace in the vhlm.
  5. Maybe make tasks that fall by the wayside (reviews especially) worth more? Maybe for reviews (just as an example) raise the tpe cap for that one week. It would get people more tpe for the missed weeks and clean up the boards real quick.
  6. Ok, quick question, ive done the rookie profile thing, worth a max of 8 points, so when do i find out if ive actually been granted the points. Am I informed or do i just assume the points after completing the task? Thanks Yes sir! Huge vonnegut fan.
  7. Yeah i registered, not until after i made this post though 😳