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  1. G O A L O A L
  2. ayy my first 2 point game
  3. My dude is actually pretty decent...
  5. A S S I ST
  6. mfw i get a goal
  7. Player Graphic 8/14/2017 + 6 TPE Article 8/12/2017 +1 Player Practice 8/14/2017 +1 +8 TPE (54->62) +6 Scoring (64->70) +2 Puck Handling (50->52)
  8. Ohohohoho, ya boi with an assist.
  9. Sorry bout that, didn't know if y'all were actively just updating or not and just letting people know as a courtesy or whatever.
  10. Thanks babe
  11. Welp, first goal first game, time to put up the skates boys.
  12. Oh shit my boi Kirk is on the second line? ayy
  13. C H A R L E S TO N H O C K E Y N E W S I S S U E N O . 1 On August 12th, 2017 our very own Charlestonite, Kirk Lazarus was given several offers to join the Victory Hockey League Minors, or the VHLM for short. A small stepping stone for many aspiring hockey players before the pros. Lazarus has had a short hockey career playing only at the high school level for only 3 of the 4 years. He's shown great promise over the years, receiving attention from other minor league scouts as well as scouts from the NCAA. Yesterday Lazarus, made that leap forward and joined the ranks of the Las Vegas Aces. The Aces made it to the finals back to back, winning the championship during their first appearance. Hopes are high for Lazarus and our local hockey community in Charleston. Just last week a going away party was held for Lazarus prior to him making a decision on his future, family, friends and all to send him off. At the party the young Lazarus proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years. The future of Kirk Lazarus seems bright and we wish him the best of luck on his journey to the VHL, and include him in our prayers. We'd also like to include that us at home our routing for the Las Vegas Aces. Good luck, Kirk.