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  1. I hope we both get in. Worst team in the leagues top pair could be an all star pair.
  2. Everytime we do this I’ll be tweaking anything that doesn’t work next time I’ll be setting it up for two votes.
  3. Remember people voting closes tmr morning! Get your votes in!
  4. People love Green.
  5. It was a joke since I tried to put everyone’s top players in and since Que G is technically the leader I threw him in. inb4 Que G is a meme.
  6. Louth might not make it this year. Tie breakers go go to the higher point totals.
  7. All-Star Votes close Saturday morning hopefully the games will be simmed Sunday if I survive the hangover on Saturday.

  8. The scary thing is he’s actually voted into the game right now....
  9. You could have voted for me.
  10. If he gets in it’s your fault.
  11. I had to shamelessly vote for myself.
  12. There are four goalies chosen for this not just one
  13. You calling me the best?
  14. You didn’t vote for me......