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  1. Nice euphemism for Gudnason sucks
  2. Yes Ying has the same amount of points as Cornerstone! and lolwut 1 shot by cornerstone
  3. Ottawa if I remember correctly? Or was it NY or Mexico
  4. @Squinty goes to Langara?!
  5. That Ovechkin Chinese ad! Seems like China preseason games worked. Finally China has conquered the NHL lol
  6. 6.38 to 0.00 for me LIT
  7. What's the record both for forwards and for everyone (including Digital) for most assists in a no-goal season?
  8. HSK G the real MVP
  9. Why dafuq Will simming go back and sim the VHLM in your alternate personality
  10. It wouldn't let me register in the same league again
  11. Ample time to what? Create n-4 multis so there are enough people for a second league? Where n equal number of teams required.
  12. Dafuq does that mean
  13. No I joined in and then Kendrick kicked me "by accident"
  14. So how do you deal with robbing me of TPE
  15. Gudnason II is worse than Bastian Stolzschweiger