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  1. So is this thread about me or no 🤷 Lets make a test. I wont logging for the next week and see the result Just for fun, gather stats during that time. Like how many posts on the public forum during that week. It will be a fun experiment, right? Starting tonight at midnight
  2. Not helsinki, not that we had a shot. Its just sad for toronto who deserved it more
  3. You never crossed the line? Wheres the thunderdome thread that you hided and got me banned? Hypocrite
  4. Collusion. Thats the best I can come up with without offending the rest of the earth
  5. Also, you say that you want to put a line, but Smarch and Quik tolerence are totally different. So whats gonna be, Quik will deliver warning points like candy depending on his mood? That seems like an obvious trap
  6. *Game thread never been that active *Stop childish drama Don't get me wrong, this post is definitely targeted at me and Kendrick and I get it. But acting like this is something new and it's the first time we see drama during the 59 seasons of this league. I mean, we had a sig called " 32, its bitchin" or something like that. Banack talk shit, I talk shit back, its the nature of trash talk. Its like you are expecting all game threads to be "GGs" I mean, what a weak ass thread. You want more activity/more active board, but you want to reduce the number of talking shit? Aight, lets just spam all game thread with GGs if its the direction we all wanna go. Fucking christ
  7. aight. Maybe @JardyB10 will appear during that time
  8. Because he's an HoF player pretty much. His defensive (or what we consider defensive) are pretty good as well. Its like saying Lidstrom was an offensive D. Not really, it was more that he was an elite 2 way D
  9. It looks like trading away devise's player is really the key to win. Amirite Toronto

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    2. Tyler


      im just saying u can do better

    3. tfong


      Than your momma?

    4. DollarAndADream


      Well, I got him from Calgary and they didn't win. So there's that.

  10. Rumors are told that Devise left with Jardy to his trip to Asia. They never returned.

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    2. Will


      im still holding out hope that @JardyB10 will return and take his damn job back 

    3. boubabi


      I would say there's 50/50 chance that Jardy comes back with a Taiwanese girlfriend 

    4. Will


      I actually do expect Jardy will return one of these days, he checked into the blue forum a week or two go from an IP in Thailand so as long as he's still alive he should be back..

  11. Yo @hedgehog337, wanna sell your team's player to a premier team like Helsinki ?