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  1. Don't worry I'll never get an assist.
  2. WOW!
  3. Have a good trip sir. I'm sure the place will be just the way you left it...... Unless @BOOM has something to say about it.
  4. Close one, we'll take a point honestly with the way the NA race is shaking out. Going to be an interesting match up if we meet SEA in the playoffs though.
  5. Offense and a W against a top team. I'll take it!
  6. Should add another paragraph about how Astrid is lost on the Moon somewhere and should have of just trusted the process.
  7. That said @Bring Back Chat has done a solid job bringing Wranglers out of rebuild and regardless of my feelings on my players playing their, it's a historic franchise with a great legacy. Besides both Eagles and I trusted the process and it seemed to work out for me and Calgary in the end.
  8. You can say that. But it's really just I don't want to play for CGY. I screwed Jason over with them before, for whatever reason I just dislike the idea of playing with the Wranglers long term. Always have so it's not a GM thing.
  9. Don't tease me, I've been calling for a VHLM shut down for ages.
  10. ADV and Jericho were on STO when you traded me to Toronto. Nice try though. All in all the process has been an interesting run.
  11. @Higgins We getting some sims bud?
  12. I'll give you all the TPE I earn in this year's Yahoo Fantasy when that pays out in April. .. I swear I've signed up....