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  1. I might make one tonight
  2. I'll retract this for now, Higgins informed me on something that piqued my interest so I'll retract Maksym retiring.
  3. Actually not really. I loved Helsinki and my time there. Helsinki has pretty much been my home in the VHL for quite sometime. I'd never say that about the organization, please don't group me in with whatever you're doing.
  4. I messaged Higgins saying that I was done with Maksym and said I was gonna retire him unless he wanted to use him to let him rot but then he didn't answer so I just decided to retire so I could just be done with him.
  5. Not at the moment, I slacked off with Barnyashev and I'm not able to give enough time and attention to a recreate at the moment. I'll still be around here but I'll wait before I recreate.
  6. I don't even listen to that music ever and I still knew who/what Starboy meant
  7. +5 Skating, +5 Defense
  8. Unfortunately this caught me in a time where I wasn't inspired to make a sig I would've loved to enter but I would've been mailing it in which is a disservice to all the great sigs in the tournament. Hopefully next one I'll be ready for.
  9. Sure
  10. "Sigh" - current intelligent Americans
  11. Graphic PT 4/10-16 - 6 TPE Graphic PT 4/17-23 - 6 TPE Graphic PT 4/24-30 - 6 TPE Graphic PT 5/1-7 - 6 TPE Graphic 5/8-14 - 6 TPE Graphic PT 5/15-21 - 6 TPE S54 Prediction Points - 6 TPE S55 Helsinki TTC - 10 TPE (+5 PA, +5 PH) 52 Total TPE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Passing: 60 -> 70 (10 TPE) Puck Handling: 82 -> 85 ( 9 TPE) Strength: 67 -> 70 (3 TPE) Defense: 85 -> 90 (20 TPE) Scoring: 90 (3/5) -> 91 (2 TPE) Skating: 85 -> 87 (8 TPE) TPE: 373
  12. Championship - Continental Cup: Helsinki TitansBest Regular Season Record - Victory Cup: Stockholm VikingsNorth American Conference Champion - Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy: Quebec City MeuteEuropean Conference Champion - Terence Fong Trophy: Helsinki TitansMVP - Scotty Campbell Trophy: UnassistedPlayoff MVP - Daisuke Kanou Trophy: Tyson KohlerLeading Points - Mike Szatkowski Trophy: Diana MaxwellLeading Goals - Kevin Brooks Trophy: Diana MaxwellLeading Assists - Alexander Beketov Trophy: Bobby DigitalTop Defenseman - Sterling Labatte Trophy: Black VelvetTop Goalie - Aidan Shaw Trophy: Rhett DeGrathTop Rookie - Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy: Takashi FujimotoBest Two-way Forward - Scott Boulet Trophy: Theo AxelssonExecutive of the Year - David Knight Trophy: Frank ChadwickTop Leader - Grimm Jonsson Trophy: Franchise CornerstoneMost Sportsmanlike - Mikka Virkkunen Trophy: Essian RavenwingMost Improved - Dustin Funk Trophy: Rudolph Schmeckeldorf
  13. GWG I'll take it