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  1. i wish that was my player
  2. Imagine not voting Ay Ay Rod
  3. The Bouigglien team is the greatest of ALL TIME

  4. I got you @Beaviss you can add Jack Shephard for Helsinki.
  5. 30 minutes passed Anyway yeah we can have an article on Black Velvet fur sure
  6. Strange times in that defensive 🥇
  7. Imagine snoring

    1. Spade18


      we talking loud continuous snoring? or sharp surprise snoring?

  8. Franchise Cornerstone for sale: 3 1st round draft picks. A steal considering other prices for shmucks.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Banackock
    3. I'mbanned


      cmon the Wranglers got 3 1st round picks for Gretz. you gotta do better than that.

    4. boubabi


      I got 4 first from @Kesler



  9. Slight delay in VHLM sim due to program problems

  10. Trades in the VHLM?
  11. Astrid Moon Helsinki Titans Goalie
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone in the VHLM

  13. Wonder who i should take in the exit draft

  14. Sometimes you gotta get lucky 🍀