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Yukon getting excited

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Yukon, CANADA - With a new season starting up, the Yukon rush are looking forward to life anew. After finishing in last with a les than stellar roster, the Rush return with 1st overall pick Chase Keller, top goalie Norris Kensington, free agent signing Phil Bennington, and the slick defenceman Mats Johnsson, they look to be a top team in the league. With a projected top offence in the league, GM LaFlamme is expecting a rose to the top!


"The boys we've assembled here are a real good group. Not to toot my own kazoo, but I think we've got a legit shot at going last to first with these kids!"


Said Johnsson: "I'm so happy to be with a team that has a real chance to do some damage! I'm not here for personal stats, those will come on their own, I want to win. Give me the puck, get open, and get ready to get it back, that's my job!"

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