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Claimed: Gudnason - 7.5C

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Player Information

Full Name: Birkir Hólm Guðnason 
Position: RW
Age: 17
Handedness: R
Jersey Number: 12
Height: 5-11
Weight: 160 lbs
Birthplace: Iceland 21px-Flag_of_Iceland.svg.png

Recently rated as a 7.5C in Corco's Draft Talent Rankings, Birkir Holm Gudnason was described as a young player who has a huge burden to carry for a Cologne franchise that has seen better days. Signed onto the team under the Elite Young Prospect system instead of going through the VHL Entry Draft, Gudnason will need to develop at a consistent and steady pace for a Express team that will be drooling over this hopefully generational talent. A winger blessed with tremendous upside, it's now up to his work ethic and commitment to fulfill his potential. Having all the makings of a star forward, the Icelandic prospect has been compared to Quebec City Meute Lukas Muller as of late. Cologne has truly been blessed to have acquired a player with such a good hockey sense and lethal wrist shot for free.




Scoring - Gudnason has a lethal wrist shot and isn't afraid to unleash it from all sorts of angles. This guy can make it happen from all over the ice; whether stationed behind the net or being brought down to his knees, he will unleash the puck from varying angles that most goalkeepers wouldn't expect a shot attempt from. Think how many goals John Locke or Pietro Maximoff get just from shooting at unexpected angles and fooling the goalkeepers.


Skating - Having grown up skiing semi-competitively, Gudnason has mastered the art of acceleration from a stop, turning with exquisite agility, and turning his ankles both ways for a screeching stop in a short matter of years. Had he put more effort into fine-tuning his skating mechanics, Gudnason could very well have gone on to become a competitive figure skater on the Olympic stage. Instead, he takes this skillset to ice hockey and hopes to use his skating to get around his defenders and get on the puck.


Defense - Relentless on the forecheck, Gudnason will exert his best and do anything in his power to win the puck back for his team. Whether it's after a turnover or just chasing down a loose puck, his dogged spirit is contagious and spreads onto his linemates.




Commitment - Gudnason is still a very young and raw prospect, and while he could take the VHL and VHLM by storm like he has past leagues, it's best for the young winger to stay humble and rooted to the ground while he works hard and develops the skills that will let him shine amongst the stars in the long run.


Fighting - Whether or not people show up at the game to catch a hockey fight on the side, or show up for a fight and watch a hockey game break out, it's rare you'll see Gudnason drop the gloves. Not the biggest of players, it's not his style to fight and be physical, as he prefers to use his skill and make a statement instead.

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