Group 1 Fantasy Draft

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The list after the randomizer is done, it is a snake draft so it'll be starting with @Strtlght





F -  Dianna Maxwell

F - Lukas Muller

F - 

D - Bobby Digital

D - Aleksei Federov

G -  Astrid Moon



F -  Fook Yu

F - Marc-Alexandre Leblanc

F - Gabriel McAllister

D - Guntis Petenis

D - Luca Volkov

G - 



F -  Theo Axelsson

F - Fredinamijs Krigars 

F - Luigi De Rossi

D - Hudson Abbott

D - Alexander Thrower

G - Apollo Skye



F -  Shawn Gretzky

F - Xander Finn

F - Essian Ravenwing

D - Roman Sokolov

D - Fabio Jokinen

G - Markus King



F -  Franchise Cornerstone

F - Phil Shankly

F - Pierre Gaudette

D - Felix Savard

D - Niko Bagdanovic

G - Mistake



F - John Locke

F - Pietro Maximoff

F - Asher Donovan

D - Lee King Snatch

D - 

G - Rhett Degrath


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