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Three In The Ky Ep. 2

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Threencarnac solid but not spectacular start with new team

Edwi Threencarnac has started five games and come off the bench for an extra three so far this season and, going off his statistics, the Dominican goalie hasn’t done bad at all. Coming off a horrendous World Cup that would have left many people questioning Davos’s decision to acquire the player if this actually were real-life and not a dice-rolling simulation, Threencarnac has bounced back with credible starting performances in wins over New York and Stockholm. However, his stats are a bit lower than we have come to expect from Threencarnac and while the GAA rising is not unexpected with the move from a championship contender to a team in the latter end of a rebuilding process, the save percentage is still a bit lower than Threencarnac is used to putting up. Hopefully though, with some good performances down the stretch, Threencarnac will be able to boost his save percentage to a top-tier level.


Ky Attribute Report

Earlier on in the season, I did a media article comparing Ky’s attributes to the current VHL setup; and now that we’re further into the season, I can post some improvements that Ky has made in attributes in comparison to his VHL counterparts.


-          Now only Motherfucker Sharpe in the VHL has more points in fighting than Ky, however it should be noted that new VHLM recruit Jabby McFullO’Schmidt is currently ahead of Ky with 70 fighting.

-          Only Essian Ravenwing has more discipline than Ky, who is currently at 54.

-          If Ky were to join the VHL right now, he would be the best defenseman at face-offs in the entire league. There is a weird oddity though in that, much like Petenis fighting attribute in the VHL last season, there’s an error in the sim that has a VHLM defenseman with better face-off ability than Ky (Hodor has 60, but he hasn’t added any points to it).

-          Only Tyson Kohler is a better penalty taker than Ky right now. That means that when Ky ends up in the VHL next season, he will be the undisputed king of the penalty shot (Yet he’s still not one of the Oslo Storm’s five designated penalty takers!)


Vegas Needs Heading Towards Trade Deadline

Getting closer to the VHL Trade Deadline which will hopefully see quite a few members elect to recreate or make second players, the Las Vegas Aces will be hoping for certain types of player to make themselves available for acquisition. The key position for the Las Vegas Aces is a goalie as they are currently the only team in the top four that doesn’t have a human goalie, however they could also do with the services of a sniper to boost their goal production.


For Threencarnac

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