Double header drafts tonight! S55 VHLM Draft at 9 EST and the S55 VHL Entry Draft at 9:30 EST.

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  1. 109 Oslo Storm vs Yukon Rush
  2. 106 Oslo Storm vs Las Vegas Aces 107 Las Vegas Aces vs Ottawa Lynx 108 Yukon Rush vs Saskatoon Wild
  3. Pod 7 VHLM Fan Man 1 Score 8 85 1/4 -> 87 1/4 TPE 774
  4. Don't Even Bother edition ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro: Gogol Bordello - Sally Outro: Diablo Swing Orchestra - Lucy Fears the Morning Star ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No questions. Y'all suck.
  5. When you record this, it will be very hot where I am. How's the weather where you are? How do you feel about your NHL team of choice's draft results?
  6. yep
  7. Why didn't you ask questions in my thread? Do you know your signature is broken?
  8. Answered
  9. The following may claim 1 TPE for their successful predictions. @canucks30, @CowboyinAmerica, @punkhippie, @.sniffuM, @Lunaro, @Green, @Jonessee27, @Eggy216, @boubabi
  10. No one. So sad. Try again later.
  11. 97 Las Vegas Aces vs Saskatoon Wild
  12. 94 Oslo Storm vs Yukon Rush 95 Saskatoon Wild vs Las Vegas Aces 96 Ottawa Lynx vs Oslo Storm
  13. Caucasian Marco Rubio edition ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro: Metallica - Fade to Black Outro: Childish Gambino - Fuck it All ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Tony @Smarch for the Qs! Incidentally, I didn't mention it in the cast, but there's a 12 year gap for CMR.
  14. *weekly begging here*
  15. 57 Oslo Storm vs Ottawa Lynx 58 Saskatoon Wild vs Yukon Rush 59 Las Vegas Aces vs Saskatoon Wild