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  1. Someone play PUBG with me... :(

  2. Also, lots of defensemen prospect.. just FYI.. I still suggest you make whatever you want, but ya a lot of goalies right now lol.
  3. S57 could end up being one of the best Draft Classes in over 20 seasons.. Great mix of vets and first-gens..

  4. He's playing in the VHL and VHLM due to error in the index. Should be fixed up by next sim, I'm assuming. great write-up! this S57 Draft is deeeeep
  5. Def the best I've seen you do. Awesome to see the improvement
  6. Mentioning Daring Do on a public thread..
  7. Should you be outing a GM who was "semi-contemplating" moving a player? Don't like that decision..
  8. It's definitely been a crazy time to be a goalie. Glad to get 2 Shaw's already, because with all these up-and-comers I don't see it happening again. 1. Moon 2. DeGrath 3. King Is my opinion, and that's until King jumps both of us next year.. Even those I won't be affected by Depreciation, still not sure I can hold up to the rest. It's a good thing #protectthealltimescorers
  9. I got a feeling about this guy rite hurr
  10. I want you in my life