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  1. oww only got 24/56 on the 1st overall picks spent like 3 minutes trying (and failing) to remember Zach Parechkin's name
  2. Continental Cup Champions completed with 3:29 remaining.. I struggled mostly in the S30's which does not surprise me considering that was my lowest period of activity since joining.
  3. Phil Hamilton has also reached 1400 tpe
  4. I've definitely thought about making VHL Sporcle quizzes
  5. legions 5-1
  6. vikings meute dynamo titans
  7. reign wranglesr meute bears i'm probably late tho
  8. Adding to this list a couple more guys traded several times, I've looked up Toriyama and Bielski for confirmation, since I mentioned them earlier. Keiji Toriyama - 6 Times (SEA to RIG, RIG to DAV, DAV to SEA, SEA to CGY, CGY to NYA, NYA to VAS) Tuvia Bielski - 5 Times (VAS to DAV, DAV to CGY, CGY to NYA, NYA to SEA, SEA to DAV)
  9. I'll take my boy Motherfucker Sharpe and be happy with my second place.
  10. How long can I wait and see how the players are doing before making my pick? Lol
  11. I think Toriyama was traded at least 5 times. Seattle to Riga to Davos to Calgary to New York to Vasteras. Davos might have come before Riga but both happened. Tuvia Bielski played for a bunch of teams. Not sure how many exactly and not sure if he was traded or went to free agency for some of them.
  12. I'm pretty sure Bushito has this pretty easily tbh Lukas Muller and Aleksei Federov @punkhippie