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  1. It was indeed predictable, but I agree that wasn't what hurt this episode. And before I elaborate, I have to say this episode was fucking awesome. Not the best of all time, but it was amazing, and if you feel otherwise you're lying to yourself. The teleporting may not have been that bad, depending how long they were standing on that island. It was at least two days. Gendry running back to the Wall could have been ~6 hours, I'm assuming it would take a raven a day or two to get to Dragonstone, and dragons flying to the Wall probably ~12 hours. I think all of those numbers are reasonable. I can accept that those guys hung out for 3 days slowly freezing and starving to death. The only thing that made me roll my eyes this episode was the Deus Ex Machinas. Dany showing up at the last minute was indeed predictable, and convenient. The Benjen bit was just completely unnecessary. Just jump on the fucking dragon Jon, you had so much time. They really didn't NEED to have that last round of fake outs for Jon. "Oh he's drowning!....just kidding! But he's fucked now, look at all those zombies!....sike! Coldhands to the rescue!" Yes, it added some tension for Dany, but whatever, they really could have skipped that bit and saved on the extra layers of silliness. Or at least had Rhaegal be the ex machina, not Benjen out of nowhere. Anyway, insane actions aside, that was probably one of the best episodes of the series as far as satisfying character interaction goes. The Hound and Tormund stole the show obviously, but Jon and Dany and Beric and Jorah were all excellent. Jorah and Thoros was great. Gendry and the Hound was great. It was all fantastic, the whole episode could have just been those 7 just shooting the shit and I would have been thoroughly enthralled. Also finally fucking undead bears. This episode was off the walls guys, don't trouble to deny otherwise!
  2. I'm sure a few people have been traded four times, but that's definitely a lot! I don't know what the record would be though.
  3. @easymoneysniper
  4. Still lost despite the wonderful rookie performances, I meant.
  5. This was crazy unrelated, but no! I'm just going to double the amount of escorts I get.
  6. I also still have my tutorial pinned that I made 4+ years ago. http://www.vhlforum.com/index.php?/topic/1083-sending-lines-for-retards/
  7. First goal for @Exlaxchronicles!
  8. Good job on your first points, rookies! BUT YOU STILL LOST MUWAHAHAHA WE'RE THE FUCKING BEST WOOO
  9. Beavis stop stealing my friends. Welcome @RadiatedGold! Your player a Tropic Thunder reference? I love that movie.
  10. I'm hooked!
  11. Literally everyone here will be overjoyed to help you with anything, so don't be shy!
  12. The only place that checkbox exists is in the All-Star Game simulation tab. I'm not sure it ever existed anywhere else. As per the original question, I honestly don't know. There's no obvious flag of a penalty for being out of position, and there's not even clear anecdotal evidence after 55 seasons. We've always just assumed so, so no one's really tried. For what it's worth, Bunclewirth played a lot of center and RW in his first few seasons, and he was the shit.
  13. 79
  14. I would like to go on record, right here in poor cosbornballboy's thread, saying that I F'ing hate shoutboxes and I will never approve of one on the VHL.
  15. Old Grig