Double header drafts tonight! S55 VHLM Draft at 9 EST and the S55 VHL Entry Draft at 9:30 EST.


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  1. Very nice.
  2. I live in a camp right now, so Estevan isn't that bad. At least everything's new, and there's a layer of cocaine on everything.
  3. VHLM GM (May 1-7): +1 VHLM GM (May 8-14): +1 VHLM GM (May 15-21): +1 VHLM GM (May 22-29): +1 Simming (May 15-21): +7 Simming (May 22-29): +7 Simming (June 12-18): +7 WC Podcast (May 29 - June 4): +9 S55 Training Camp: +10 Points Earned: 44 TPE: 366 Adjustments +9 to Fighting (88 to 90.2) +5 to Strength (40 to 45) +20 to Checking (85 to 90) +10 to Skating (75 to 80) +7 to Experience (40 to 47)
  4. Fun quick observations after noticing I'm now the only member with two HOF goaltenders: 2x HOF Centers: @Victor (Berger, Chershenko) @sterling (Jonsson, Slaughter) 2+x HOF Defencemen: @Knight (Night, Henman, Walcott) @sterling (Labatte, Bencharski) @Kendrick (Kendrick, Richardson) Weirdly enough, nobody has been able to repeat offend at wing. Also weirdly enough, Phil and Boom have somehow not managed to repeat offend at one position.
  5. Was surprised to make it in so soon! Though you didn't even mention my greatest accomplishment as a 7-year member, and that was winning the #CLEGANEBOWL. Congrats to the other two.
  6. I'll fill the last group, but if the draft is this weekend just auto my picks, I won't be around.
  7. Niko was on top of this shit!
  8. Two assists, two points, two penalties, two shots. The Motherfucker way.
  9. ~15 minutes of non-song content. I'm back and with a strong episode of Jardy's Fucking Podcast. I talk about: - My work - Introduce T.R.A.V.I.S. - Brief VHLM touch up - WORLD CUP THINGS Enjoy!
  10. Yeah, I definitely included Petenis for a reason. He may not have been particularly outstanding points-wise (though it was league-leading for defence, and 93 points ain't bad), but he also led the league in Hits, was 3rd for Shots Blocked on a > .500% team (the next highest totals among legitimate teams were 134 [Elijah Dotran, RIG], 125 [Titans Kronos, QUE], and 125 [Bobby Digital]), and won 9 of 13 fights! And while none of those wins were against Motherfucker Sharpe, he also didn't lose! That said, I still voted for Maxwell, as I thought the forwards and goalies were still stronger, and while Maxwell maybe didn't stand out too much from Unassisted or even Kohler, it was still more so than Degrath did from Skye and Holik, all of whom are basically interchangeable. That said, I would say there's certainly no incorrect votes this season!
  11. Honourable mention to @gorlab Bobby Digital for performing what was previously thought of as impossible. You've exposed the STHS Skate-Shoot-Pass attribute logic in the most wonderful way, and achieved what I only dreamed of with Naomi Young.
  12. Man I don't care what anyone else says, I like Matthew Fox
  13. I believe @damientheomen is correct, and this would be considered your 8th season, even in the pre-season. We could consider it to be your 7th season, but then Pavel wouldn't get to play his final 8th season.
  14. I don't know if he ever made it to the new site. Also I can't remember his username off had numbers at the end. Something 17 I wanna say.