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  1. Interesting. I can see that then. And @BOOM, I read something earlier today that someone noticed where they were was almost where the COTF created the Nights King, which used to be melted all those thousand of years ago. Add in you can see a dock in that scene, it's not out of the realm of possibility that ships were there at one point, long abandoned, and chains were around, or already were had. Someone else said they snagged them from hardhome and were dragging them around the entire time lol. That one is pretty far fetched. What is out of the realm of possibility is how does a group of wights that can't swim get to the bottom of that lake and hook up said chains? Oh well, it was still an exciting episode and if you dig too deep you'll lose your enjoyment! I'm trying not to lose my mind with all the stuff this season and just enjoy it for what it is because I'll be sad once it ends. Until the spinoff(s) fire up.
  2. What irks me now is If Bran knows what's up with LF "chaos is a ladder", where the fuck is he when LF is now setting up chaos at Winterfell between his sisters, the lords and Jon? Is he so caught up in the Three-Eyed Raven thing, that he can't, just for a split second, use his "power" and help his sisters see LFs shit? Is he just going to chill in that bedroom until all hell breaks loose? Also, Aunty and Nephew hookup incoming.... Not quite the sister/brother Targaryen way, but it'll do. Collision path. The big question now is, will they all find out before they do the deed, or after?
  3. " Dear Journal....So yesterday was the great solar eclipse for North America. Having an off day, I decided to travel to Carbondale, IL where the longest duration of totality was to take place. Over two minutes worth! Anyways, I didn't have any special glasses and figured my normal sunglasses would work. I didn't heed the warnings you hear every minute leading up to the big day..."DONT LOOK DIRECTLY AT IT!", "YOULL BURN YOUR RETINAS!", well I thought that was hog wash, so as the eclipse started, I glared up with my sunglasses and instantly regretted my decision. I ended up in the hospital. Both retinas burned. Severely. This sucks. You're wondering how I'm even typing this out? Easy, talk to text. Anyways, I told Riga about it and they are not happy, as I would expect. Someone mentioned a guy in Hells Kitchen, New York who is blind but can do amazing things...I might have to search out this Matt Murdock if I want to continue my career. Blind Niko out. "
  4. +2 Trivia(1 for trivia, 1 for question used.) +6 Free Week(Donation) +2 Fan590 TPE: 346+10=356 Checking: 77+6(@2)=80 Banked: 4 (1 Doubles week left from Donation)
  5. Reign Meute HC Dynamo Titans
  6. Yes sir.
  7. Review: Now I need to go listen to Ice Cube dis NWA after reading your title. You're absolutely right, you never let up and you celebrate every single goal. Who cares if you're playing a trash team? Whoop it up!
  8. What a buzz kill.
  9. But I'm as good as I'll ever beeeeeeee I'm sure there has been, but I can't prove it, so for now, it's us then!
  10. Are you guys talking about titties? Yah, you're talking about titties.
  11. Go ahead and send @der meisters to me and I'll make sure it gets sent out priority overnight on my company's dime. I didn't say what night, and it may be opened by time it gets there.
  12. What's The Record? So talking about my last player, Tony Stark, earlier it got me thinking a little. I remember coming back and seeing that I had been traded like a hundred times, okay it wasn't a hundred, and every new GM had sent me a PM to reach out and get me to come back, or at least do a training camp, or sign an extension. In eight seasons I was traded four times. Twice in the same season once. I'm sure that's not the Record for most trades in a career, but it could possibly be at the top. Who knows, maybe it's not even close. In Season 34 Stark was drafted to the Dynamo fourth overall. Season 35 rolled around and Victor said "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" Ala *SPOILER, Joffrey to Ned*SPOILER. sending me packing from Davos to Germany where Kendrick and the Express awaited me. Nothing was doing there, so later that same season he sent me off like a little bitch across the pond and to the open arms of Chris and the New York Americans. They tried to keep me around. They shouldn't have. I was just a disappointment back then in this league. Off I went in Season 39! Calgary is fucking cold. Like my heart. I'm not one hundred percent sure, but maybe Jason was the GM of this team still back then? Oh well, doesn't matter, I wasn't around much, if at all anyways. See ya Calgary! In Season 41 they had seen enough of me. Wait, that's wrong. They hadn't seen me at all. No one had. For like a year at this point. Good bye Calgary, hello trade number four and Quebec. I dont even know who the GM was when I went there. I don't even remember being contacted once this trade happened. They were probably like fuck it. I'm regressing like a mother fucker at this point and I'm just dead weight, just a body on the bench. Can't say I was sad. I wasn't. So a trip down memory lane for myself is over and I'm back at my original question...what's the Record for most trades in a career? Who knows, I'm too lazy to look at all that and the player pages I randomly selected don't have player movements filled out. I'll just pretend that Record belongs To me and live out my days happy that I did something worthwhile with that bum Tony Stark. And if someone wants to come and tell me I'm not the Record holder, I'm not going to stop you, but that doesn't mean I'll listen.
  13. +2 Fan590 +12 MS (Donation Doubles) +1 grading TPE: 331+15=346 17 to use Puck Handling: 84+3(@3)=85 Checking: 70+14(@2)=77