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  1. Not so sure that makes US the fags then.
  2. Ottawa, ON - Don't look now, but the Ottawa Lynx are only one point back of Saskatoon for second place, with one less game played than the Wild. Currently riding their season high five game win streak, the Lynx suddenly find themselves back in the thick of the race for second place. First place is more than likely out of the realm of possibility for all four remaining teams as Oslo, while struggling lately(by their standards), is currently twenty points ahead of the Wild. While the regular season title for them is all but delivered at this point, the race for second place is intriguing. A couple weeks ago you'd have thought the Wild would run away with that, while Ottawa would fall into place with third, but it seems as if Ottawa is being stubborn and trying to play spoiler. Being deemed as having a weak offense, the team has seemed to take that talk to heart lately and rally around each other and string together these wins. Will they continue to prove their doubters wrong, or is this just a slight surge that can be chalked up to being just lucky? The second half of the season continues and time will tell if Ottawa has caught fire.
  3. On a nice little five game win streak here too!
  4. #Clutch
  5. How do you help out your own +/-? By going out and scoring and getting an assist. Nice win boys
  6. That Oslo defense came to play, damn!
  7. +1 Trivia +6 Free Week Purchase +1 pick em +1 VHLM Practice +1 Fan590 tpe: 174+10=184 Skating: 72.5+1(@2)=73 banked: 9
  8. Nice one boys
  9. Dynamo titans Americans Vikings
  10. 3-0 Dynamo
  11. 4-1 Wild
  12. Storm Wild Storm