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  1. This website sucks without chat

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Exlaxchronicles


      What about Mumble,Wire,Linphone or Signal? Just throwin it out there.

    3. tfong


      Nobody uses mumble anymore. The rest I don't know about. 

    4. Exlaxchronicles


      Signal and Wire are like Whatsapp and both have end to end encryption.Linphone idk.

      Dont know if these apps would be relevant here though.

  2. 76 unused tpe: Puck Handling: 47+23 = 70 Scoring: 65+5=70 Strength: 40+30=70 Defense: 50+10=60 Passing: 50+8=58
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  4. Because boubabi
  5. i am cancer
  6. trade me
  7. Love it!
  8. Whichever is cheaper
  9. Cologne is next
  10. Now that I scratched the itch on my head I can get to typing about da VHL. Hot Take: Ay Ay Ron should have been selected first overall because Boubabi. Who was it that used to read all of these XM radios? Was it @Victor or @Squinty? I miss both of them tbh. I told @Smarch he was being too nice to everyone as a blue team member, so he decided to be mean to me and nice to everyone else Smarch is such a gentleman but also not. I am also really thirsty but have been too lazy to get up from the couch for the past hour. Where is @Will and why is he not back? When he comes back he will probably have 1 trillion lions notifications, half of which will be me yelling at him to come back. How does one who dedicated their time to this site for so many years as a commish not even care about the site enough to check in and see what's up, even if they don't want their old responsibilities? Even if/when I get burnt out again, I would still check in out of curiosity.
  11. I think it's interesting 7 of them are going since they believe in the 7 gods. Wonder if that is a coincidence. Also, I feel like Jon Snow gonna die soon. The last person to choke out Littlefinger in anger died. The last person to wish someone good fortune in the wars to come died. I think he gonna die again (and who knows if brought back to life again lol). Also, love watching Littlefinger manipulating people again. Haven't seen much Littlefinger and Varys action this season but they run a ton of stuff behind the scenes.