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  1. Seattle - We're only 14 games into the current VHL season, but it's safe to say that the biggest surprise in the league thus far might just be the Seattle Bears. Certainly, nobody expected the upstarts to take games from teams like Quebec, and really nobody expected the team to be sitting in playoff position ahead of Calgary this far into the season. It's been a hot, unexpected start. And few people have had a hotter start on the team than its number one draft pick. A common pick for Rookie of the Year, left winger Gabriel McAllister has lived up to the moniker, tallying 11 goals and 8 assists through 14 games. Those 11 goals places him first among Bears players and in a tie for sixth league-wide, and his 19 points are already fourth among left wingers. Among rookies alone, those points and goal totals are 5 more than his next closest competitors in each category. "I wasn't joking when I told y'all I'm here to play," McAllister told reporters after a recent win against Cologne. "I wanted to come in with a bang, and I've certainly done that. We'll see where I go from here, but it's absolutely a promising start."
  2. Week: August 14, 2017 S54 Free Week +12 (Banked since S54 donation and not used, Doubled for Logo Hunt) Updating +2 Points to use: 14 Skating: 86 + 14(@4) = 89.5 Updated TPE: 410
  3. VHL Updated
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  7. You only actually need 3 for that strength increase, so leaving 1 banked. VHL Updated
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  10. Assuming the doubles is logo hunt VHL Updated
  11. Note for self: Purchased PT upgrade for S56 as well VHL Updated
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  14. VHL Updated
  15. Missed your passing and puck handling from previous update. Putting Passing to 80 and Puck Handling to 84 is the same TPE applied, so doing that. VHL Updated