Double header drafts tonight! S55 VHLM Draft at 9 EST and the S55 VHL Entry Draft at 9:30 EST.


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  1. Sokolov may have slowed down a tad but I don't think my lead is going anywhere haha
  2. Short two week hiatus there (feel free to ask about it!) but the CoDCast returns this week so get your questions in now. I haven't played in awhile so I expect that my gameplay will be extra terrible this week which is always fun. @eaglesfan036 @The Bread Man @der meister @Phil @tfong @Molholt @Banackock @gorlab @JardyB10 @evrydayimbyfuglien @Jericho @DollarAndADream @Kendrick @mpclardy @hedgehog337 @Devise @Smarch @Will @Streetlite @punkhippie
  3. 2017 Playoff Bracket Payout - 5 PE: 5 TPE: 311 +5 Discipline (45)
  4. 2017 Playoff Bracket Payout - 5 Pension - 4 PE: 9 TPE: 981 +9 Agility [@5] (94.4)
  5. Can't say I do but you love bringing it up so much that maybe you remember
  6. July 18th if I'm not mistaken is the day the doors opened.
  7. Yeah, I'm bad for that too
  8. Pension - 4 S54 Prediction points - 4 Trivia: Week 1 - 1 PE: 9 TPE: 306 +9 Puck Handling [@2] (80)
  9. Claim 4 for Sokolov
  10. I'm in as a builder without ever being a GM. It's definitely not a club exclusive to former GM's. Any strong member can easily be deserving and you are proof of that.
  11. *For Holik
  12. Podcast - 6 --NEW WEEK-- GFX - 6 Trivia: Week 1 - 1 PE: 13 TPE: 972 +13 Agility [@5] (92.6)
  13. You're starting to get on my nerves now
  14. Short CoDCast this week as I didn’t have many questions. Answered some from @der meister and @mpclardy (plus discussed some from @punkhippie from last week) though and then sorta rambled for a bit. *For Holik