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  1. Im pretty sure I'd only know Season 1 so you probably have me beat haha
  2. Link says folder is empty
  3. I honestly have no clue what happened to me after those first 8 games. I was a man possessed during those and then once Game 9 hit I completely disappeared and have done basically nothing. Makes no sense.
  4. 'Tis the Beketov way. 1/3 on topic discussion, 2/3 rambling incoherently.
  5. - 4 podcasts? Are you insane? Why so Many? Also, why are none of them CoDCasts?!? - Does this mean Phil level activity is back? - What the hell did you mean in my last CoDCast when you asked about Holik’s big bang? I was confused. - Can you come pack for me? It’s a pain in the ass.
  6. We’re in the campaign of Modern Warfare Remastered this week because I wanted to be. In my randomly assorted topics this episode I talk about the inconsistency’s with the sim engine; the amount of trades we’ve had go down, an issue with the skin @boubabi still hasn’t fixed, how @punkhippie is handling the rebuild and probably a bit more that I don’t remember. Enjoy!
  7. I don’t know of the full on record but I can say I definitely tied you with Miller. They aren’t all listed in his player page but I was traded from Helsinki to Toronto; Toronto to Calgary; Calgary to Cologne; and then Cologne back to Helsinki. Pretty sure there are definitely people with more than 4 trades in 8 seasons though.
  8. Man I would love if I could set the assist record but I'm sure that won't happen. Seems likely my pace will slow down.
  9. Clearly you joined at a good time. Pretty sure this is only like the second time in 10 years that we’ve given away a game haha
  10. Would have been nice to win but obviously it’s great to see a new member get one. Congrats @Beaviss and @der meister
  11. Podcast - 7 (PT Upgrade 1/8) Logo Hunt Reward - 2 Podcast - 7(PT Upgrade 2/8) PE: 16 TPE: 388 +15 Scoring [@3] (85) +1 Banked (1)
  12. We finally get to use real guns again! Are we any better with them though? Debatable. Anyway, answered some questions from @Phil and @tfong. As a note as well, @Smarch has given me permission to use this as my PT from last week (week ending Aug 13)
  13. I finally get a nice Boubabi sig! Usually the ones I get from you are like your bottom of the barrel ones haha. Mind you those are still better than mine but still.
  14. Nova Scotia as a whole is pretty empty but Halifax is pushing 415k people so it's the largest city east of Quebec by a landslide. If there was ever going to be an Atlantic Canadian team it would be the most logical destination.