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  1. Wow, that was quite the power-play from Ottawa
  2. Just done a quick CTRL+F of the Trade Tracker to see how many times some oft-traded names were moved. Brady Stropko - 6 Times (SEA to QUE, QUE to HSK, TOR to CGY, COL to STO, STO to DAV, DAV to COL) Tyson Stokes - 5 Times (HSK to TOR, TOR to STO, STO to QUE, QUE to NYA, NYA to COL) Edwin Encarnacion - 5 Times (RIG to SEA, SEA to COL, COL to CGY, CGY to QUE, STO to CGY) *Last two were FA rights. David Hamilton - 5 Times (TOR to COL, COL to NYA, NYA to STO, STO to CGY, CGY to RIG) Francis York Morgan - 5 Times (STO to QUE, QUE to CGY, CGY to TOR, TOR to NYA, NYA to DAV) Azmet Ali - 5 Times (DAV to QUE, QUE to COL, COL to DAV, DAV to COL, COL to NYA) Those aren't necessarily the most traded guys, I was just CTRL+Fing guys who I remembered being traded quite a bit.
  3. @Zark and @haffiedq!
  4. Close game, @Zark with his 3rd straight 2 point game!
  5. That third period though!
  6. Only just got round to this, good job! And you can tag me anytime, I won't judge you!
  7. You are taking this joke far too seriously. I'm not doing this for any serious recognition from anyone, all I was after was a spot on top of a spreadsheet, because that's funny to me. I couldn't care less if people didn't recognize it as the "actual" record.
  8. I'm fine going twenty, but I can only claim 2 TPE, that is how the random draw I made for my PTs this week decided it would be!
  9. First two points for @Zark, good going man! Great game for @DeathOnReddit as well!
  10. Depends how long it is. I'm claiming that podcast as a 2 TPE podcast, but so long as it's over 10 mins, you can claim it as a 6 TPE PT.
  11. That would be interesting, only thing to figure out would be timezones and stuff. Send me a PM of the times you're available this week and I'll see if I can figure something out.
  12. I'm not kidding myself, It's the top of the career stats sheet, that's all I was ever after.
  13. I don't have any topics in mind, so if you want to ask me some questions in the thread I asked for questions last time, it'd be much appreciated!
  14. That has my stats up to Season 54, Gegeny is closest to me at .929. I was at .938 as of S54, but that may have risen since I was .945 for S55, and also played quite a few games.
  15. It's not that I'm no longer having fun with the backup concept (because I certainly am) but right now he's third priority behind my Las Vegas GM duties and Ky and I'd prefer to focus on those two for the foreseeable future. Here's hoping I can lock down that All-Time best save percentage by the end of this season!