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  1. VHL Finals Fantasy Pay Out: 1 TPE Graphic (Aug. 14 - 20): 7 TPE (PT Upgrade 3/8) VHLM Commish Pay (Aug. 14 - 20): 2 TPE Graphic (Aug. 21 - 27): 7 TPE (PT Upgrade 4/8) VHLM Commish Pay (Aug. 21 - 27): 2 TPE TPE: 19 Total TPE: 403 + 19 = 422 Skating 90 1/5 + 4 = 91 Strength 70 1/2 + 1 = 71 Scoring 93 3/5 + 2 = 94 Defense 92 2/5 + 3 = 93 Puck Handling 73 + 9 = 77.5
  2. Media Spot (Aug. 14 - 20): 13 TPE (PT Upgrade 3/8) and Logo Hunt Rewards Doubles Week For One Player VHLM Commish Pay (Aug. 14 - 20): 2 TPE Graphic (Aug. 21 - 27): 7 TPE (PT Upgrade 4/8) VHLM Commish Pay (Aug. 21 - 27): 2 TPE VHL Finals Fantasy Pay Out: 1 TPE TPE: 25 Total TPE: 605 + 25 = 630 Defense 91 + 15 = 94 Puck Handling 88 + 4 = 89 Scoring 98 + 6 = 99
  3. @Sullvino For Gaudette
  4. @TheLastOlympian07 For Savard
  5. @Beaviss For Savard
  6. 1st Overall - CHASE KELLER @Kendrick After King was passed up multiple times in Season 54, Keller is no brainer at 1st overall he'll be a franchise player for New York. I also believe @STZ and Kendrick get a long quite well so this should be a perfect fit. 2nd Overall - NORRIS KENSINGTON @Bushito Bushito will take the safe pick here as he'll need a goalie to kick off his rebuild, who better to trust in that position then himself? Kensington is also the third highest tpe earner of this class currently. He'll also have the ability to have both his players on the same team which will definitely be an advantage as seen in Toronto with Boeser and Ironside. 3rd Overall - BONER @Corco The express have traded their last two high lottery picks so I'd be shocked if they did it again. Express may not seem as too desirable a destination but with a few high picks they'll be on the right track once again. If Corco has an desire to be in Cologne that will surely help out @punkhippie who needs all the help he can get at the moment. Boner should be a franchise defenseman in the VHL. 4th Overall - JEFF GOW @Fire Hakstol I'm not sure if Calgary will still be in this position at seasons end but currently they're a lottery team. With Savard and Volkov on defense as well as Jacob in net they have a clear need for offense. So I can see @eaglesfan036 going with familiarity here and selecting his brother. If he can regain the activity levels we saw early on in his VHL career @Fire Hakstol could easily be a cornerstone piece for Calgary. 5th Overall - CASEY JONES @der meister The Bears and @Banackock go with the best player on the board. Casey Jones comes from the der meister agency who has been a constant churner of high end VHL talent so we'd expect the same from Casey Jones. 6th Overall (Acquired from HSK) - KEATON LOUTH @Beaviss Riga gets potentially the steal of the draft at 6th overall Keaton Louth will likely be higher on this list by seasons end as active first gens always peak the interest of VHL GM's. But for now Riga may get the best new blood in the league. Right when they're competing in the EU. 7th Overall (Acquired from DAV) - SHAWN BRODEUR @TheLastOlympian07 Kensington goes ahead of Brodeur in this draft but in reality both players are neck in neck and Cologne is lucky to select him here. Having a franchise dman and franchise goalie in the same draft should kick off the rebuild in Cologne. 8th Overall - MATS JOHNSSON @Quik Though another high pick may have been just what Toronto needed, their surprising usurp of Calgary this season leaves them currently at 8th overall. I think they'll go BPA and that's currently Quik's Mats Johnsson. If Quik can regain activity levels he once had earlier in his VHL career much like @Fire Hakstol then he will be a steal at 8th Overall. Johnsson could easily be anywhere from a depth dman if his progress plateaus, to a franchise dman if his activity continues to ramp up. 9th Overall (Acquired from RIG) - PHIL BENNINGTON @Phil This one will shock some people but currently Phil has some catching up to do in the TPE race. Nobody doubts his activity or progress but for the fun of this list I'll take his player at face value as I'm well aware he'll likely be a top 5 pick by the end of the season. But if he stays in this position NY gets amazing value at 9th overall. Proving just how strong this draft class is. 10th Overall - CALDER O'CALLAHAN @Sullvino Right now as it currently stands there is a large number of players who sit neck in neck in activity level as well as TPE earning so it will be up to the GM to select who he thinks will have the longevity in the VHL. Quebec has a lot of options at this pick so they take the BPA from the bunch which is currently O'Callahan. For Gaudette
  7. Tomas Valiq who? @Kyle
  8. Niko Bagdanovic @TheLastOlympian07
  9. Mistake @Green
  10. We've always been BFFs, you just didn't know it.
  11. Yep
  12. I just feel his pain tbh.
  13. Poor bastard.
  14. You own stocks in discord or somethin bro?