Double header drafts tonight! S55 VHLM Draft at 9 EST and the S55 VHL Entry Draft at 9:30 EST.


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  1. +12 tpe Graphic PT (June 12 - June 18) 2nd doubles week for S55 donation +6 tpe Graphic PT (June 19 - June 25) +6 tpe Free PT (June 26 - July 2) Free Week from S55 Donation +1 tpe VHL Pickem S55 Week 2 +3 tpe VHL Predict the Score S55 Week 2 +1 tpe VHL Trivia Week 1 Results   (question) +2 tpe VHL Trivia Week 2  (Question & Answer) +1 tpe VHL Trivia Week 3 Results = 32 total tpe gained PH = Puck Handling: 86 >> 87 (4 tpe) SC = Scoring: 45 >> 71 (27 tpe) LD = Leadership: 60 >> 61 (1 tpe) Total TPE: 856 >> 888
  2. flameeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. i voted for this sig IMO
  4. g o d b a b i o d b a b i
  5. Can you do a livesig and upload it to YouTube so we can reference it as a learning tool for new gfx people? (same question to @boubabitbh) At what point of the season is Sokolov going to start choking and throw away his Labatte trophy?
  6. damn and this aint even what you're submitting for the gfx tourny???
  7. or ask @Beketov to do a live sig on his podcast, then watch that. i think he didnt upload his first one to youtube, and it's dead on twitch now.
  8. jc is pretty nice, i hate the bg stock tbh it just looks lame. Also, your text work isnt half bad, but you never cornerlock text like that on a sig, you should have it placed basically in the middle, overlapping the guy's shoulder/arm. The render itself looks low quality, you pretty much always need to use HQ looking stock images (google search 'ovechkin' and set size to OVER 1900x1200). You can usually fix LQish renders if you are a sig god and understand like lighting/contrast/curve/level changes to an render, but not many people are there. You can also make a render look better with filter effects like topaz or google nk, but usually the best looking renders are SLIGHTLY filtered (but you can experiment). Your lighting render sticks out wayyyyy too much, and the quality of the lens flare stock image isn't high enough for you to size it like that on w/e image layer property it is (lighten overlay maybe). See how the interior "flash" of the lens flare render looks LQ and crudely drawn?? That lens flare stock image should be multiplied and used as small specks of lighting around the render edge (maybe like, 5 pixels wide ISH), like you see in a wasty sig (or alot of other nice sigs). Even with that gigantic death ball of light sitting there on it's own, it like doesn't interact meaningfully with the render or the background. The background's lighting is unaffected by that massive orb, and the render's body SORT OF is, but you would want to create a TRANSPARENT layer over top of the render, right-click the render layer and go 'select pixels' (this selects the render), click back on your transparent layer and colour over the entirety of the render with a neutral grey. Then set this grey layer to overlay, maybe reduce the opacity of it even) then use the burn/dodge tool to manipulate that grey layer to adjust the shadows/lighting. You would want to make areas on the render where the light is shining LIGHTER and the areas where shadows would be cast, DARKER using burn/dodge tools (one is light, one is dark, i cant rmr exactly.) basically subscribe to boubabi's twitch, and when u get the email that he is going LIVE, get to a computer ASAP and watch his live sigs.
  9. tough choice tbh
  10. Is Higgins submitting VHL Trivia questions again?


    Somebody need to get slapped over 1a this week tbh.

    1. Higgins


      lol what's the question that's got you crushin 

    2. punkhippie


      Me and Bobby Digital trivia buddies lol

  11. HC Dynamo Titans Americans Vikings
  12. 3-1 DYNAMO