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  1. Guntis Petenis - D Peter Quill - F Im pretty sure im done now... @Spade18 u should have 1 more pick to go? Ur next i think
  2. not evennnn cousinnnn
  3. that s7 e6 had me SCREAMING cops got called to my house cuz i was going off for about 2 hours
  4. Fook Yu (F) Roman Sokolov (D) @Jala
  5. o ya mb mb
  6. Franchise Cornerstone Apollo Skye @Gooningitup
  7. Now we got a fantasy death match on our hands Loser gets pink belly'd by @Will
  8. gorlab signs up @Bushito
  9. wow thread of the year nominee
  10. we made it!!
  11. Helsinki need to stop bandwagoning tf out of boubabi every season, he's won it like 3 seasons in a row (and one of those seasons I had more votes and still somehow lost)
  12. Bobby Digital +5 Strength, +5 Defense
  13. damn, I should have just stayed for the record attempt yolo