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  1. Sexy
  2. LKS

    Now read my Pm please
  3. I was disappointed there was no Eddie Murphy reference with that title
  4. then they took you on a starlight tour
  5. I think this should be an alternative to a fan 590. Just as valuable in the long-run So basically it would be part of the 9 capped a week @Higgins what you tink?
  6. @Laflamme @Beaviss @Megster @Tagger @Corco @Frank @Boomcheck. This is where VHLM teams will offer you a contract for the remainder of S56. Best of luck in the VHLM! Yukon Rush Saskatoon Wild Oslo Storm Las Vegas Aces Ottawa Lynx
  7. He's now LW
  8. Fuck trading you i'm just gonna bench your ass for the remainder of your contract
  9. Settle down with the tagging. I've already reached out to him
  10. Never! You're stuck with me for a while
  11. Ask him what he though of Steve Young as a head coach? Also why was he a better head coach at 20 then Steve Young was? Also what did he think of Kelly Mccrimmon not pulling his goalie in the last game of the regular season, so Brouwer couldn't get his 50th goal in his 20 year old season
  12. I have so many questions for Brouwer about his junior time with Moose Jaw
  13. Davos Struggling to Find Their Footing After a big off-season that was supposed to swing the winds of change in the favor of the Dynamo, the HC Davos Dynamo are struggling to find consistent play twelve games into Season Fifty-Six in the VHL. With the European Conference a three headed race this season, no one was expected to do a cake walk over the rest of the European teams, but fans and management in Davos were expecting more in the early season. Luckily for the Dynamo, the remaining two teams in the conference in Stockholm and Cologne are nowhere near ready to compete, but the team doesn’t want to limp into the playoffs as the third and final seed in the conference. In today’s article we’ll look more in depth into the roster to see if we can uncover what has gone wrong through the first twelve games. Goals For/Goals Against: The team currently has put thirty-five goals past VHL goaltenders, which translates to just under 3 goals per game. Although that seems like a good amount of goals, we’re talking about the VHL, a league that has always been known for the offensive fans flock to see each season. The stat is even more alarming when you look into the goals the Dynamo have allowed this season, which currently stands one above the amount they have allowed. The Dynamo also sit fifth in the VHL in goals against, allowing thirty-six goals in those twelve games. Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you’re not going to go far in the sports world if you can’t score more than you allow, so the Dynamo must find a way to address the issue as soon as possible for any chance at redeeming themselves over the next sixty games. Home Ice Advantage: No matter the athlete and no matter the sport, you’ll hear the same cliché answer about the advantages of playing in front of your home crowd. Davos seems to be taking the advantages of playing at home to heart, as the team has won five of six of the home games to start the season. While on the other hand the Dynamo have really struggled away from Zurich Center this season, posting a 2-3-1 record on the road. While it’s always nice to win the games in-front of your home supporters, if you want to make any noise in the league the young Dynamo team will have to learn how to win both at home and on the road. Maybe the Dynamo can look into a practice that some teams have turned to make being on the road more comfortable by creating a road atmosphere while playing at home, which may include staying at a hotel while in taking on a home stand in Davos. General Manager Problems: While it doesn’t appear to be a huge problem for the Dynamo with an active GM right now, but we have to remember that Conner Low hasn’t really been in the dog fight that is a VHL playoff race before. Low was been very active with his roster this season, even making himself present in the stands during practice to watch the line combinations being tried out. Low isn’t ready to panic and sell turn coat on the competing idea this season, but with twelve games already passed this season, Low will need to keep his finger on the pulse of this Dynamo team.
  14. First draw goes to @Beaviss Second copy to @der meister Thanks to everyone who participated in the 10th Anniversary events. Sorry we couldn't reward you all I will contact the two that won shortly
  15. There will be two draws for this. Once the first draw takes place i'll remove that members name from the draw and go again