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  1. Reign Legion Meute Bears
  2. 8/14-8/20 Graphic +7 TPE 7 points earned +7 Defense (93 --> 94 2/5) 607 TPE
  3. should really be looking out for S58 though
  4. D - Alexander Thrower @Phil
  5. 8/7-8/13 Fan 590 +1 TPE 1 point earned 1045 TPE (24 banked)
  6. New York and Stockholm’s switches in general managers this season have sent shockwaves across the VHL. With both front offices making the choice to sell off their assets and rebuild, the playoff picture has changed significantly as many of the league’s top players move to the European Conference, causing much more of a competition for that top spot in the conference. The defending champions are the Helsinki Titans, who are coming off of back-to-back Continental Cup victories as well as a Victory Cup last season. It seems as if they’ll remain the team to beat in both the regular season and playoffs as they retain Franchise Cornerstone, Theo Axelsson, and Astrid Moon while adding Tobias Klingberg and Ay Ay Ron. They may, however, be harmed by the loss of Black Velvet to retirement. Meanwhile, Davos has strengthened by adding a whole host of star players. Season 55 MVP Rhett DeGrath and assists leader Lee King Snatch both joined from Stockholm, while back-to-back scoring leader Diana Maxwell joins from New York, hoping to retain her title alongside in the purple and black of the Dynamo. Finally, Riga established themselves as the third playoff contender in Europe by adding a quartet of former Americans - physical winger Phil Shankly, star center Essian Ravenwing, pass-first defenseman Bobby Digital, and goaltender MT Power. With three possible cup contenders within the conference, things seem much less straightforward than they did last season as the race for the conference championship will surely be tight this year.
  7. With the New York Americans selling off their players and entering a rebuild, the Quebec City Meute have quickly become the favorite in the North American Conference. As players like Diana Maxwell, Essian Ravenwing, MT Power, and Phil Shankly all make their way across the Atlantic, Quebec’s main core of skaters is only improving. Could this be their year? The Meute are coming off of two straight finals losses to Helsinki and could possibly meet them there again if the Titans are able to hold off stiff competition from Davos and Riga. Meanwhile, a possible challenged has stepped up in North America. The young Toronto Legion, who just barely missed the playoffs despite a solid season from Bo Boeser, have burst out of the gate - undefeated in their first eight games. But we’re still just days into the season and the momentum seems likely to shift back into Quebec’s favor soon as Toronto begins to play more of the top teams later on into the schedule. The Meute are appearing stronger than ever, as they’ll look again to the ever-consistent Apollo Skye along with a reinvigorated offense boosted by the addition of Pietro Maximoff. Captain Fabio Jokinen has remained a unifying presence in the locker room and will hope he can lead the team to glory.
  8. D - Aleksei Federov @Devise
  9. He's recently kind of made a 180 and said he might go with either Walker-Peters in a back 4 or Sissoko as a wingback with a back 3. Sissoko was pretty decent against Juventus recently and wasn't terrible when he played wingback last season (I think against Hull?) but I really like KWP and hope he starts. Broke his arm while playing for South Korea during WC qualifiers. Wanyama and Son weren't included in the injury report but I don't know if either would start. I think Wanyama came back to training but considering he didn't play at all in preseason I don't know if he'll start until Chelsea next week. I'm hoping for what you posted but based on Pochettino's recent comments I think one of these could also happen: Lloris KWP - Aldeweireld - Vertonghen - Davies Dembele - Dier/Wanyama Alli - Eriksen - Sissoko Kane or Lloris Dier - Alderweireld - Vertonghen Sissoko - Dembele - Winks/Wanyama - Davies Alli - Eriksen Kane I'm not sure about Sissoko starting, I'm willing to give him a chance for this season but there's a part of me that would rather just see N'Koudou play. If Son can play off the bench that'd be great but otherwise the lack of depth is concerning.
  10. Great start to the season so far, really entertaining games. Loved seeing the atmosphere for Brighton's first PL game.
  11. F - Fook Yu @Phil
  12. doubles for Axelsson