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  1. Similar to the Hartnell/Umberger trade, this is a trade driven by future cap consideration and is not a pure hockey trade. Lehtera's contract ends a season earlier than Schenn's, which is when Simmonds, Konecny, and Provorov need new contracts. This was the Flyers selling high on Schenn and choosing Simmonds over him. Schenn has said repeatedly that he sees himself as a center and not a winger. We've given him an opportunity the past 5 years to play center, and every time he shows why he isn't a center. Isn't responsible defensively, isn't great with the puck on his stick, and doesn't think the game at a high enough level. With Patrick and Lindholm joining the team, the wings were starting to get a log jam. This move "frees up" space for those two and allows Konecny to go to RW, which is his natural position I believe. Schenn was awful at ES and was the 4th option on our PP. Overall not a bad player, but a frustrating one. All tools, no toolbox. He's a great complementary winger on a line with someone else who can drive possession. Lindblom - Giroux - Voracek FIlpulla - Couturier - Konecny Weal - Patrick - Simmonds Raffl - Lehtera/Laughton - Weise/Read Laughton/Lehtera
  2. That was fair to say for the years before this past season, but both he and Neuvirth were legitimately bad last season, outside of the lack of defensive depth on the team.
  3. Still a number 1C, but his ES numbers have been trending downward. He's still going to do what he does on the PP, but we need to start to sort out his replacement (as best you can replace someone like him).
  4. My guess is Mason comes back. Not really any other open spots for him.
  5. Hard pass. Biggest organizational need is potential number 1 center. There are 2 pretty good ones at the top of the draft. Goalie is a hole but it can be filled elsewhere.
  6. Happy to see you back and hope it works out for you!
  7. 6/12-6/18 Welfare +4 Rookie Profile +8 6/19-6/25 Welfare +4 +16 TPE Passing: 89.25+(3/4)+(8/5)= 91 (3/5) Puck Handling: 77+(6/3)= 80 Total TPE: 520+16= 536
  8. 4 - Shayne Gow
  9. Name: Shayne Gow Age: 22 Position: Defenseman Height: 5' Weight: 195 lbs Nationality: American Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Shayne Gow - Diminutive Offensive Defenseman As another member of the Gow agency, Shayne Gow is seen as a safe player with a high floor but limited upside. The most recent players from this agency have been solid VHLers, but leave behind no lasting legacy themselves. Shayne will more than likely be the same type of player, but there is always the chance that he will be able to overcome his shortcomings and become a top echelon player in the VHL. Overall, Shayne is one of the safer choices in his VHL draft, but lacks the upside to be a top-half pick. Pros: Skating - At only 5 feet tall, Shayne realized that he needed to be able to skate in order to survive in the VHL. As a short player, he needs to maneuver his way around the ice in order to remain effective. Years of being the smallest player on the ice has resulted in Shayne having plus skating. Going into his rookie year, Shayne will already be one of the better pure skaters in the league, and he has the potential to be one of the best. Passing - While his hands are currently above average, the potential is visible for all to see. Seen as more of a puck moving or distributing defenseman, Shayne's best offensive contributions will come in transition His smooth, accurate passing will allow forwards to move freely through the neutral zone and cross the opposition's blueline with speed. While his passing in the offensive zone is helpful on the power play, it will be limited at even strength. Hockey Intelligence - Similar to his skating, as a smaller player, Shayne needs to think the game at a high level in order to be successful. All of his previous coaches rave about his intelligence both on and off the ice, and he's always mentioned as one of the first players in and one of the last to leave the film room. Above all, it will be his intelligence that allows Shayne to have a successful VHL career. Cons: Strength - Saying that Shayne is below average defensively is misleading. Throughout the neutral zone, his stick work and positioning allows him to effectively defend during the transition. However, the story is different inside his own blue line. With limited size and strength, Shayne simply cannot move anyone in front of the net and must rely on his smarts in order to win board battles. Due to his defensive limitations, Shayne will never become a franchise player. Work Ethic - While Shayne is more than willing to visit the film room, the weight room is another story. Always conscious of his diminutive stature, Shayne was embarrassed to be seen failing at the gym. The mantra of "what could have been" will always follow him around, as increased strength would not only have increased his defensive abilities, but may even have moved is offense elite. Leadership - Going hand in hand with his work ethic, Shayne will never be known as a true leader of a contending team. Even in his younger days, he was never voted captain on any of his teams. While not known as a locker room cancer of creator of drama, Shayne was never one to settle locker room issues on his own or speak up when the team was looking for motivation. NHL Comparables: Ceiling - Kimmo Timonen Realistic - Matt Carle Floor - Brandon Manning
  10. I know he gets a bad rap because his hits can go over the line, but Gudas is actually a good hockey player. He's not some bum 6th/7th D. The rest of our decent defensemen just aren't expansion eligible. Provorov is too young, and the prospects (Morin, Sanheim, Myers, and I guess you can throw Hagg in there) obviously haven't played in the NHL yet. Most interesting thing for the Flyers is protecting Laughton over Raffl. Raffl is a solid "bottom-6" winger whose shown he can fill in fill in on a scoring line from time to time and not look out of place. Laughton really hasn't shown anything in the NHL yet, but he can play C, which Raffl doesn't. Would be interesting if LV took a flyer on Jordan Weal, who's currently a UFA. He had a good end of the year with us, but personally, I don't see him being a full time NHL player.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the goalies selected by LA ends up with the Flyers.
  12. Welcome back!
  13. 6/5-6/11 Welfare +4 S54 Prediction Points +4 Playoff Bracket +3 +11 TPE Passing: 86.5 + (11/4)= 89.25 Total TPE: 509+11= 520
  14. Shayne Gow