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  1. 8/7-8/13 Reviewing +2 TPE 8/14-8/20 Free Week +6 TPE Donation +5 TPE VHLM Practice Facility +1 TPE +14 TPE Scoring: 84.33+(2/3)= 85 Passing: 40+12= 52 Total TPE: 143+14= 157
  2. 4624-5237-5713-4977 $20 for S56 Free Week 5 TPE Doubles Week Doubles Week
  3. That's the VHLM I remember!
  4. Overrated episode. Could have predicted most of it.
  5. Reign Legion Meute Bears
  6. Ottawa Yukon Vegas
  7. Ottawa 4-1
  8. Ottawa2gud
  9. Good win.
  10. @Higgins @Corco The Process is still on Saskatoon. RE-SIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. We like Ike!
  12. Nope, just regular mag. And you can make a pretty decent defenseman on low TPE.
  13. REVIEW: A nice article detailing Jokinen's play with Petenis and their fooling around at practice. It's nice to read these first person articles from time to time as a change of pace, and they're interesting. Also, based on your comments before about using the VHL to improve your you want me to go through these like an old "grade" and point out some of the grammar things? The article itself is easily understandable, just some little things. Just let me know.