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  1. lol wut
  2. oh
  3. All good because GM's won't even need to know the name. There is a reason his name is VHLM forever. That's where he will remain.
  4. There is no such a person as Elijah Mikaelson. The only players I have are Astrid Moon and VHLM Forever
  5. I am calling out THE MAN!
  6. You won't. You're too scared.
  7. +1 Week 2 Pick Em +7 GFX +1 VHL Fantasy Zone Manager +1 Trivia Rebound Control: 88>89 (3) Style Control: 88>89 (3) Hand Speed: 88>89 (3) Reaction Time: 88>89 (3) Skating: 72>75 (6) Banked: 2 TPE: 503
  8. Dynamo 3-1 Winners of 3 TPE are: @Kendrick @DollarAndADream @murguy @tfong @Corco @Pandar @gorlab @Will @Smarch
  9. Dynamo Titans Americans Vikings Winners of 1 TPE are: @The Trollfecta @Kendrick @Jonessee27 @Eggy216 @CowboyinAmerica @Bushitroll @TheLastOlympian07 @DollarAndADream @STZ @Laflamme @Strtlght @Velevra @BOOM @boubabi @Green @tfong @YEAH!stlemania @Corco @solas @NUCK @Pandar @gorlab @Will @hedgehog337
  10. Would be fun to see
  11. Fuck Sask, they blow
  12. I demand a re-sim Jardy. There are no way those Quebec fags can match up to us. We are far superior.

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    2. der meister
    3. Devise


      Haha what a whiner. I'm glad your STHS Karma is up because man it would take another miracle for all of us to care when you do good again. But when you do bad? Ahh, good times. 


      :P :cig:

    4. The Trollfecta

      The Trollfecta

      This isn't over @Devise. The season is young and while Quebec got their pity wins out, thing will be different from here on out. You best believe that one. Also @jRuutu enjoy it while you can because it will be gone next sim, that's a guarantee.

  13. Oh
  14. Damn still no sim? #FireJardy