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  1. Bring back the lotto @boubabi
  2. Suh dudes
  3. GG Sasky
  4. I believe it's Calder O'Callahan @Kendrick
  5. New predict the score and pick em are up for the week. Don't miss out on TPE opportunities.

  6. Correctly predict the winner and the score of the game to win 3TPE uncapped! 165 Americans vs Legion
  7. Correctly predict the winners of all the games to win 1TPE uncapped! 161 Vikings vs Reign 162 Wranglers vs Meute 163 HC Dynamo vs Bears 164 Titans vs Express
  8. 5-1 Dynamo Winners: @Tyler and @punkhippie Claim 3 TPE
  9. Reign Wranglers Meute Bears No Winners. @Strtlght and @der meister are late.
  10. Very fun if you ask me
  11. Wild Lynx Storm
  12. Don't we have enough god damn centers?
  13. Did what I could