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  1. Links look broken @Exlaxchronicles
  2. Reign Legion Meute Bears
  3. New predict the score and pick em are up. Sorry for being late on them.

  4. Correctly predict the winner and the score of the game to win 3TPE uncapped! 110 Vikings vs HC Dynamo
  5. Correctly predict the winners of all the games to win 1TPE uncapped! 111 Reign vs Express 112 Legion vs Wranglers 113 Meute vs Vikings 114 Americans vs Bears
  6. Solid win and points
  7. 2dimes
  8. @eaglesfan036 why does your profile say your player is still Teblowgow?

    1. Bushito


      Because he got married to Timothy Tebow last week #namechange

  9. The lone goal.
  10. 2 dimes
  11. Solid assist.
  12. @Megster Oh yeah. Come through to Oslo though @Boomcheck bro