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  1. Pretty sure just Riga's been dead the last while.
  2. Just bought a PS4 off Kijiji for $180. Pretty damn good deal!
  3. Pretty crazy. I'be been around the SHL since Season 4 in and out. VHL I think I popped in and out, dunno how early but for sure in the 30's. Maybe earlier. Tried once before, didn't like it and then quite sometime later came on and made Blake Campbell! Hopefully we see a rise in activity. With the big decade coming up, we should look at new rewards for recruiting and have a drive. Everyone come together and look! Seems a couple people find all the recruits but once they reach a certain TPE level to earn new rewards, they go inactive. Fishy to me but that's another day's topic.
  4. @Laflamme u suk
  5. Aleksei Federov --> Erik Karlsson Thanks
  6. @754 hope you stick around this time, man.
  7. I hate how my girlfriend has autocorrect on her mac. MARTINOV
  8. Martinis will turn it around!
  9. MCALLISTER @CowboyinAmerica Poor vegas.
  10. Ottawa got Rushed.
  11. WOO
  12. You ever ride one of those rollercoaster that go up and down and up and down and then up again? Yep, only to come back down. Welcome to the Seattle Bears franchise currently. When taking over the reigns from an amazingly inactive and slow moving Mike 7 or so years back, Bears GM Blake Campbell knew tough stakes were at hand. He had the talent and the commitment of the guys, so he ran for it. Unfortunately, due to the overly high competition in the North American conference (and potentially some inexperience in the role as each league differs - especially VHL), the Bears couldn't find the success to make playoffs. Thus, players started falling off the roster like 10 cent cans of Tuna at Wal-Mart. Enter rebuild #1. After a season of shit, then mediocrity, the team was ready to go for a second round at the holy grail. During their first season of real competition, the won the regular season but fell short in the second round to New York due to a bunch of reasons (maybe the Holik curse??). The following year, they found strength but were hit hard by a lot of bull shit when one of their players had a mental break down and decided to fuck over the team and retired from the league. That season, the Bears shit the bed in playoffs once again to the Americans (fucking curse, @Beketov ) and it was pretty much inevitable that what they had going for the team was coming to a halt much faster than what any of them had expected. It was really, really unfortunate. Losing Odinsson was hard enough, but when Podarok decided to do that to the team, it left a real sour taste in my mouth. Despite my anger, I kept it behind the Bears doors as we know how certain people like to make ant hills into Mount Everest. What sucked more was not winning a cup with these guys. Especially Holik, Petenis, Kyanon and Hamilton. Even Parechkin and Maximoff. These guys were an amazing group of guys. The Locker room was the place to be and they definitely made Seattle the bets it could be in its final season of being relevant to winning and coming close to being something more than what we are now. I owe a lot of thanks to those who came in, changed the direction, or allowed us to live a little longer. From the free agents to the trades, we were grateful that they gave Seattle a chance. It was a fun ride - one I won't forget and one I hope to have again with another good group of guys. BAM! Seattle is in a new rebuild and they're looking to do things differently this time around. Before, they had a lot of pieces to work with and this time, it's a different story. With no depth on the team or talent other than Aleksei Federov, it seems as though this rebuild isn't going to be as fast paced as the last one (that's likely a good thing, maybe). The team had it's first draft a short while ago and managed to pick up a couple good prospects and even managed a steal in @Wikiplaysgames. In the up coming draft, the Bears hold a potentially valuable pick in a lotto winner. Question remains, what's next for the Bears? I love the group of guys were starting out with. @NUCK and myself have a lot of history going back a couple years in the SHL. He's an amazing guy and despite never fully being into the VHL, I know he's going to be a kick ass goalie whose going to teach VVA a lesson. @Laflamme and I have a strange bromance going on and when he came back into the league, I knew he was going to turn lights on. He's a great guy in chat and the locker room and I really think he's going to be a guy that pushes Seattle forward and I really hope he is. He'll thrive well under that kind of thing. Then, of course, we got myself with Mattias Forsberg (centre) and Aleksei Federov (D). Forsberg is going to be a strong piece - Centers can be tough to come by at times and they're a huge part to a organization. Federov, he's flexible. I don't want to waste another career so we'll see what happens for him. He's pretty much a 400 the defender with his entire career ahead of him. On top of that, he's willing to extend with specific teams if they trade for him (some likely longer than others). Lastly, @Wikiplaysgames seems to be a cool dude. Busy life - just got a new job, but I hope he sticks around. He's sweet to have in the locker room and has the potential to be a good player and the biggest steal EASILY of the draft. Time will tell where the Bears go. Right now, we gotta focus on just ahead and take it season by season. DOUBLE FOR FORSBERG +12
  13. This seasons shaping up to be a pretty good one when it comes to races to watch. Like most seasons, we got our usual front running teams from the season prior, the same teams slumping and some pretty damn good performances from teams and a bunch of players. Buzz around the league is going as we are slowly approaching the halfway mark of the season and we'd like to turn the focus on these races. Which teams are the ones we should all be looking at? Who wins top team of the year? Which players scores the most goals? Gets the most points? Which goalie will defy all odds - stop the most pucks and we crowned victor of the best goalie of the year? All of these are what's making this year special as it's currently a tight sprint for a lot of hardware come award time. Without further delay, let's turn the light on some of them. Which teams takes 1st place in the regular season? Right now we got the Titans in first with 50 points, Quebec following behind with 45, Stockholm in Quebec's tail with 41 and the Wranglers and Americans both with 39 points. Essentially, you can count every other team out and take them off the list right now for teams who could win this title. Another one we can go ahead and scratch off right now is Calgary. No hate on them, but they're doing way better than expected and honestly, I see mediocre and a fall in their future. Both the Americans and Vikings are a little lower than I expected and Quebec took a nice little jump up to first in the North American conference. In the Euro section, the Titans are rolling away with things slowly but surely and are being led by a dominant performance from many players including Franchise Cornerstone @boubabi and Astrid Moon. In the end, we feel this is who is going to take the top spot at the end of the regular season. Who scores the most goals? This race is a thousand times tighter than the team side of things. The top 10 all have above 17 goals through the 28 games and from 1st to 10th, they're only separated by 6 goals so realistically, anything can happen. The top 5 rounds includes Cornerstone, Gowency, Boeser, Maxwell and Gaudette who range from 21 to 23 goals on the year so far. Though the race is a close one, we're unfortunately going to have to declare a winner and though it can go so many different ways, we're going to have to give this award in Helsinki's direction once again. With 23 through 27 games, Cornerstone takes the cake now and we feel as though he'll still be eating it once the season is up. Let's make a bold prediction and say he finished with 66 on the season. @boubabi Best goalie in the regular season? We're going to keep it short and sweet. Astrid Moon's number currently are stellar. 1.10 goals against, 0.938 save percentage, 10 shut outs and 25 wins. We don't really need to go on and on with this one. If he keeps the performance up, and based off our regular season winner predictions he's going to, than Astrid Moon will easily finish the season off with one of those Aidan Shaw things or whatever. @The Trollfecta Who collects the most points? Similar to the goal scoring race, it's pretty damn tight (though, not as tight). Again, like that one race, anything can happen though we're going to make a bold prediction here and say Maxwell is going to edge this one out. Cornerstone and him are the frontrunners for this I believe, however, I personally think that the Americans are going to turn the flame on under their asses in the final half whenever they can figure out what the fucks going on. Of course, they're going to be led by Unassisted and Maxwell who will take the race in this category with a point total of 129. @Strtlght (hey look, 600 and some words. +6 Federov)