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  1. Hey, I don't wanna suck forever, K?
  2. Thoughts on prospect Sam Steel? I got a trade offer in one of my leagues offering Cam Atkinson and some scrub dman for Sam Steel and Thatcher Demko That's the team Atkinson is on.
  3. Legion 5 Americans 1
  4. 161 Reign 162 Meute 163 Bears 164 Titans
  5. Saweeet
  6. @Sullvino #1 overall in the draft tbh
  7. Good luck this season, dude.
  8. Very flukey if you ask me
  9. No, not really. Just pointing out something stupid.
  10. Yep.. Attention all GM's.. Seattle isn't tanking anymore. We're going to be trading all our 1st and 2nd round picks + youth during our rebuild, for mediocre players so that we can beat Toronto and be the 2nd best team in NA.
  11. Rusty Trombone - (DAV - F) @Higgins then after 12 hours @Gooningitup
  12. Very good, my son. you forgot though - "Longrod Von Danglecoch - Coming to Seattle"