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  1. Ah, now I see. I read them now.
  2. 80!
  3. I'm horrible at it. I got like half of the Cup Winners before I just started randomly typing in team names until I got them. 1st overall picks I was even worse at. I got the latest 10 or so seasons easily, but as a post-S35 member I couldn't get many of the earlier ones.
  4. August 21st -27th Media Spot (+7 Capped w/ PT Upgrade) Head of PT Staff Pay (+1 Capped) PT Upgrade +8 TPE (378 -> 386) Puck Handling +3 (89 1/4 -> 90) Defense +5 (80 -> 81 2/3)
  5. Legion Highs Heading into this season, many expected the Legion to likely, but barely make the playoffs. Maybe a 3rd seed in the North American Conference, and 5th-6th in the VHL, or something like that. Yet, Toronto has gone forward and taken matters into their own hands. The team has so far exceeded expectations, with their depth chipping in on all areas of the game. They have a record of 18-6-2, which is 3rd in the VHL, and 2nd in the North American Conference. They have beaten the tops of the VHL already this season, and are making their mark as a contender, it seems. The two teams ahead of them they have beaten, having a record of 1-0-0 against the Riga Reign, and 2-1-0 against the Quebec City Meute. Against the other VHL contenders, they have a record of 2-0-1 against the Helsinki Titans, and 1-2-0 against the HC Davos Dynamo. Between the Calgary Wranglers and Seattle Bears, it's hard to say at this point which will be squeeking into the playoff picture. Seattle holds the spot right now, but Calgary is right behind them. One thing is for sure; although the sample sizes are small, the Toronto Legion have shown that they can beat the best, and play a great game against them. --------------------------------- --------------------------------- Another area of interest is the scoring of the Toronto Legion. They have one of the better balances of scoring in the VHL, with no player being in the Top 10 in the league. Bo Boeser sits at 13th with 37 points in 26 games. Best Legion defenseman Roman Sokolov is the 8th best defenseman with 27 points. Second line center Xander Finn is the 2nd best player on the Legion, with 31 points. Right winger Verner Reinholdt has 28 points, and left winger Ted Doughty has 24. Rookies Daring Do, Dexter Lane, and Aackckqz Ky are quietly producing with 17, 17, and 15 points a piece. Even big money signee AK47 has 18 points in 26 games as a retiring veteran. There are no sure-fire top stars on the Legion, with only top player Bo Boeser leading the pack by 6 points. Then there is young goaltender Torstein Ironside, who has had his ups and downs this season. He is somewhat finding his stride, but is 4th in save percentage with 0.920SV% and 3rd in GAA with 1.98. He also has 5 shutouts. The Legion have only truly hit their stride when Ironside is on his game, so it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out. We are only 1/3 through the season at this point, so although nothing is certain, the Legion look to be contending earlier than many analysts had thought. Calgary was predicted to be in Toronto's spot by some, but at the same time, Toronto or Calgary were expected to be playing worse than say, the Helsinki Titans or the Dynamo, yet have been a little bit better. The NA Conference is a lesser one than the EU, so the Legion will have it bit easier heading forward, but it will still be tough. Plus, they have shown they can beat the European teams already.
  6. I mean, the Arya part is probably just Arya lying to Sansa's face, maybe hoping Littlefinger is listening.
  7. That Benjen thing is bullshit. It's been a big deal from Season 1 that Benjen left Jon at the wall and he hasn't seen him since. Benjen told Jon he has things to tell him when he gets back, and all the excitement is there. The audience gets to see Benjen help Bran get to where he needs to go, and that he has become Cold Hands from the book. But nah, he sees Jon for like 5 seconds, says there's no time, and off Jon goes. No closure of any sort, basically just killing yet another storyline. But I suppose this is Game of Thrones, and you don't always get what you want. I guess that horse Jon was on was also tired as fuck once it got to the wall, and who knows if it could have ran fast enough with both Benjen and Jon on it before it got caught by wights. Although, Jon wasn't in any condition to actually tell the horse any commands, so it might have just galloped there on its own once it ran away from the wights. Makes me wonder if in the finale we'll be able to see Jon get to learn who he is from Bran, or maybe Sam who's on his way to wherever. All we really see in the teasers is that the meeting takes place at King's Landing, I think. All this weird-ass drama happening just seems to be the writers creating storylines for no reason. Like Arya and Sansa's conversations, rather than just saying "Hey, I found this letter, Sansa. Why'd you write it?" Sansa's response saying she was forced to makes sense. Then Arya says, oh, I'd die before I served the Lannisters, even if I was young.....BUT she DID serve Tywin Lannister when she was young, so wtf is up with that? .....and Arya talking to Sansa like she did nothing about her father's death as it was happening, even though Sansa was screaming for them to stop, and Arya saw that. Come on. Why did Dany not get one of her dragons to target the White Walkers who were clearly in charge on the hill? She had 3 dragons there, but you only really saw 2 of them, Drogon and Viserion in action. Where the fuck was Rhaegal? I don't know, fuck it. Still a great show.
  8. Timing is fine with me.
  9. Shit's happening so fast this season. Storylines being phased out with people dying, people seeing each other that haven't before, or in a long time. Things just happening everywhere. It seems like BS that they "only have enough for another 13-14 episodes", which is why they said they cut it short to 7 and 6 episodes left. But, they've been great episodes and it's an expensive show to make, with lots of casting commitments, etc etc etc so I'm not surprised.
  10. Reign Legion Meute Bears Guess I'll just do Pick Em because Predict the Score was simmed already.
  11. Finally back from camping since Wednesday. Time to catch up on VHL stuff.

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    2. DollarAndADream


      Went up to Cultus Lake in BC, Canada. Had a great time!



    3. CowboyinAmerica


      Nice! The boundary waters in Minnesota, also had a great time but still super tired from the hiking and canoeing.

    4. DollarAndADream


      I was for the most part playing with like 6 kids, but I love that shit. Biking around, messing about in the lake, etc etc. Then at night got drunk with the adults. :P